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  1. Has to defenitely be the hamster :D My whole tavern is full of them ^^ https://steamcommunity.com/id/chakratoss
  2. Thats a tough question.. I think i had too many favorite moments ^^ Right after seeing it on YT after its release i was flashed! In the first month of playing it i spend at least 250+ hours in DD and i loved it SO MUCH. I can remember farming Alch Lab survival for "super loot", reaching wave 23 was involving an 4 Hour investment because of how slow Enemies moved back then. It was just a great time, the community was and is still to this day the best Community i have seen in any game so far! Thanks for all this awesome moments. https://steamcommunity.com/id/chakratoss
  3. Quick Update: Emerald City and the new Challenge are now on DunDefPlanner (Thanks to @HerrJeol for providing me the Map as Image)
  4. Looks good so far, i imagine a flying Giygas head when i look at it (maybe something to consider?^^)
  5. You are in the wrong Forum. This is the DD1 Forum.
  6. Greetings, i just wanted to announce that Dundefplanner has a new home (Server). I've switched a couple of minutes ago and everything seems to went smooth. If you see anything missbehave please tell me. Tommorow there will come additional stuff as SSL Certificates etc. Edit: SSL is now live, it went very smooth (too smooth..)
  7. It would make perfect sense since 90% of the app towers are elemental and are useless if enemies are immune
  8. Hey, i wondered which maps get farmed by the community and what they trying to farm there. I have made myself a little list but im not sure if its up to date anymore and if the maps are good for farming anymore: Some Campaign maps that have good weps and random pets: Moonbase(Weps) Buc Bay(Huntress, Squire Tower Weps) Pirate Invasion(Acc/Mana) Akatiti(Tower Weps) Ember Mount(Weps/Accs) Winter Wonderland(Coal) Temple o Love(Accs) The Greater Turkey Hunt(Accs) The Only Surv that is worth farmin is Moonbase but it takes 3-4 Hours and sadly i can't commit myself fo
  9. Just my Thoughts: Leave the EV Wall where it isGive the Magic blockade a spell that is casted on all minions that hit the blockade (Slower attack speed or DMG Weaken, maybe even that they take 10% more dmg?Spike Blockade should get Thorns that equals to some % the attackers damageBuff the Slice n Dice to deal significant more DMG. Honestly, its a 8DU tower and boy it SHOULD be strong. Either that or reduce the DU, because now its only a wet sponge that can't withstand a couple of hits.Give the Bouncer Blockade either knockback on all Mobs (Except Bosses) and / or add a short stun duration afte
  10. Small improvements: Minions and Hints can't be rotated now because it doesn't make sense^^ Your Opinion is needed: Traps and Beams now are Yellow borderedSquire, Apprentice, Summoner and Jester Towers are Red bordered What do you think about that? It got requested and i think the old DDPlanner had at least Squire and Apprentice towers bordered yellow. You can Enable / Disable it in the upper right corner in viewer mode. This setting will be saved to your session #Disabled for now, there is a bug that rotated towers dissapear if they are highlighted. Update: Its now in but not worki
  11. Thats like you would say auras or buff beams are OP because they are in every build. Just like Auras are Support LTs are for Mass DMG and can't alone do much. You need a wall infront of them or they get smashed in an instant. I too love variety but a LT nerf isn't going to buff other DMG Tower. But if they would rebalance other towers too i would be totally for it!
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