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  1. some 900+ Pieces on Wave 23-24 Got theese 2 pieces on wave 25:
  2. We did it Yesterday, this was our Build: https://gyazo.com/cbc04a098bdda70a62e564ddffe68b8d We actively dps., 2 front, 2 back. Focus on Wyvern, Ninjas and Ogres (Mostly Ninjas, everything else is afk ^^)
  3. They defenitely need increased projectile speed. After Wave 20 in Summit Insane they are useless because the enemies move so fast they cant even hit them. Only if they stand still at my wall..
  4. I think the level gaps seem daunting at first glance but are really rewarding. You really are looking for the next set of equipment that you can wear and if you then finally equip it, it feels good. XP is grinded on Summit Campaign. Hard gives up to 400k per run. The stuff with lvl 60 gear dropping so early is a problem tho. At least legendaries are rare
  5. Completely agree on all points, espcially the filters are what i need right now :D
  6. Has to defenitely be the hamster :D My whole tavern is full of them ^^ https://steamcommunity.com/id/chakratoss
  7. Thats a tough question.. I think i had too many favorite moments ^^ Right after seeing it on YT after its release i was flashed! In the first month of playing it i spend at least 250+ hours in DD and i loved it SO MUCH. I can remember farming Alch Lab survival for "super loot", reaching wave 23 was involving an 4 Hour investment because of how slow Enemies moved back then. It was just a great time, the community was and is still to this day the best Community i have seen in any game so far! Thanks for all this awesome moments. https://steamcommunity.com/id/chakratoss
  8. Quick Update: Emerald City and the new Challenge are now on DunDefPlanner (Thanks to @HerrJeol for providing me the Map as Image)
  9. Looks good so far, i imagine a flying Giygas head when i look at it (maybe something to consider?^^)
  10. You are in the wrong Forum. This is the DD1 Forum.
  11. Greetings, i just wanted to announce that Dundefplanner has a new home (Server). I've switched a couple of minutes ago and everything seems to went smooth. If you see anything missbehave please tell me. Tommorow there will come additional stuff as SSL Certificates etc. Edit: SSL is now live, it went very smooth (too smooth..)
  12. It would make perfect sense since 90% of the app towers are elemental and are useless if enemies are immune
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