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  1. Infested ruin the best https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198820383790
  2. WTA mail helmet auction ends in 5 days 12/4 8am bids made hours before end will extend auction 24 hours items accepted eph/cele 150 npc 200 celebracer 250 fp 500 rainmaker 150 up to 100cv in dia As always if I’m unhappy with results I reserve right not to sell
  3. Events accepted elf party hat/ celebration 150 celebracers 250 Npc 200 FP 600 cinnamon 50 but only one crackers 100 magicite 80 mike 300 100cv add max Rainmaker 150 Auction ends October 4th 3pm mountain time any bids made within hours of ending time will extend auction 12 hours I reserve the right to not sell if I’m unhappy with the outcome
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