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  1. offer both the dd2 and dd1 style minimap, and allow players to enable or disable each. This. For the old dd1 style map, make it have a transparency slider option from 0% to 100%. Give it toggle-able filters for things like which towers to show, show towers damaged more than x percent, show only certain types of items such as loot, etc. Giving players options is a good thing. The mini-map just cannot convey the kinds and amount of information the larger map can, hence it being mini ... And obviously you don't want a full-screen map open 100% of the time either. ^^^this!
  2. First off I would like to see a bigger gap between leveling up. It felt to me that you would level up really quick, especially early on in the game, when you could level up several times in a single map. I never had the excitement of "Oh yeah, LEVEL UP!", it was more or less kind of a mundane thing. Also, Id like to see a change in the end level progression as well. In DD1, you were mostly exprected to be at max level for the end game maps. Although in pretty much all RPG's, you are never expected to reach the max level. Like take Diablo 2 for example, to beat the game required maybe a lev
  3. All three look great, but if I had to choose just one...I would have to say the first one.
  4. My name isn't blue and I'm part of the Council :( I'm in the same boat as you.
  5. SODA HAVE 5 streams, i have 1 and I perfectly see it in the animation and when i shoot on the dummy Alright, thanks for clearing that up for me.
  6. SODA shoots with +2 projectiles making a combined 3 streams. You'd need a Kobold Douser that is tripled the levels at least to match a SODA. Kobold Dousers generically have 3 streams, Soda would have 5 if the added projectiles work.
  7. Soda will always be better as it had multiple projectiles Has anyone confirmed that the soda actually shoots extra projectiles? Just cause its in the stats doesn't mean it actually does it.
  8. PC I am not sure about, but yes, PS3 is capped at 120.
  9. Thanks for sharing this, I will probably try it out tonight. I have only run it once on hard with the help of a friend and got a 51^, and just found the map too tedious. But I could really use a better one so i guess it's time to suck it up and run the map a few times.
  10. You could also tune into the live streams, as they usually drop some codes there. Trendy has one every Friday and could also watch dark python, I think he usually gives some away.
  11. I am going to wait till I hit 90 to decide, but will probably end up making it DPS, pretty much for the reason Yogazny just said.
  12. I'm assuming Misty Insane+ first wave? If so I would like to be a part of it, same name as here.
  13. Well one of them should disappear , I think the duped one should disappear so you'll know which one is real. That's why I kinda hate backing up, because you have the risk of duping stuff accidentally What he said ^^^. Move the defender to a diff profile and then load the save, if you did have it saved one will dissappear when you move it back to your original account.
  14. yo the pet is broken yeah, the pets broken....broken all expectations i had. Hahaha, see what i did there ;)
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