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  1. I cant check it at the moment but I will offer 1 cube for it. I use them to giveaway to new people since most dont buy them sadly. Same, its a shame its not a top gear sword, the swing rate is amazing but even my 401^ cant keep up with some of the other stuff randomly dropping. They do serve as great starter swords though.
  2. Jones bowed out, I'll just sell it off to death then. Thank you for the gloves sir, my towers are starting to look good now. (compared to everyone else lol)
  3. Maybe you should ask for a price check before posting wanting to look for a straight up trade?Person man sent me the same message on steam this morning when he saw it lol. He's my go to guy along with you and Arti, I'll be sure to check next time. Sorry for the confusion guys!
  4. Thats seems fishy, just saying, be careful... Agreed, I'm going to get them ICed before getting serious about my offers. Wish I got PMs like these... Well I was kinda one of the two people involved in this auction so when I didnt win people shot me messages about their clavas. I can give you the names is you wish to contact?
  5. rejected. Ive decided to not accept any offers from you for many different reasons.Weird, i dont recall doing anything to deserve this treatment but I respect your opinion. I sent you a PM to try and resolve any issues I've caused. Pm received and replied to, hope it clears up any confusion sir!
  6. Hey, dont worry about it my man, this worked out for me as publicity. More of these clavas existed than I though of, I've gotten 2 pm's of different but similar clavas, one trip capping, not sure but I think it might be better than the one here! This worked out great for everyone. Thanks guys!
  7. Good to see you got onto forums! It's a great resource with tons of awesome people. Enjoy!
  8. From what I remember a cube=90bil and perfect kobalds= 1/2 a cube And from what I've seen a cube=6coal
  9. Still no luck I see, free bump, someone with one will see this soon and want to trade ya.
  10. mmmm I dont know, but I have a 5.9k tower boost and 6.2k hero boost, and monk dps, and a tower, may be I'll do an auction for my ult++ tower sparus. 3xx,5xx,95x,3xx =) Well I'm planning to use this as a tower but if you're selling a tower you can take this and I'll pick your tower one up off of you. You get your boost wep from here, I get the tower wep I was lookin for, and nam gets cubes in his pocket lol. EVERYBODY WINS!
  11. I appreciate the offer my man but thats an Etherian Great Sword, a crystal blade is a bit different. Thank you though.
  12. haha, I dont think I'll be making this deal item for item but if someone want to trade me additional items for a rainmaker. I didnt know what a blue was worth lol.
  13. 30 cubes, and it works for booster, missing rate =) Are boost monks a thing now? I keep seeing more and more of them. 35 cubes
  14. Haven't seen a pet (other than a chicken) quite like this. Good find.
  15. il just end it at 630 cause this will never end ik im gona lose 70 cubes but ye :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Its all low stress, its yours to do what you wish with. I also got offered one of very similar quality earlier this morning,I'll just pick that one up. Congrats April.
  16. Im ending the auciton at 630 casue this prob will never stop so ye :) april you win (I didnt see this until I posted my rebuttal bid.) Ah, 'twas a battle well fought. Congrats on the item.
  17. Wow. The most expensive clava in the history of DD. :) Congrats to the seller for sure on this one. Right? Good fer him lol. 700 cubes
  18. Oh well..... I think I'll start to farm for clavas O.O Damn..... this rly went over 500 cubes O.O ?? rly O.O ? damn.Agreed, it getting a bit rediclious lol, I dont think its worth over 200 cubes, but hey, this is good business for the seller! death there was a bet of 570 from april Oh,didnt notice, thanks! 580
  19. Really? Only 20? What are the stats? lol One of you guys hit me up on steam and we can work something out. Thanks all!
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