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  1. Hacked. edit: If the other IC-er was Acen, wouldn't really need another opinion since he's currently the best.It was and I know that but the fella who owns it isnt on forums and didnt know who that was and needed a 2nd opinion, I appreciate it.
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=260499324 Legit or no? Had another IC-er look at it but the owner needs a 2nd opinion.
  3. I have an extra traceable RM hiding in my box but I'm not too interested in aladdins. I dont want to get this thread off topic by offering other ideas of currency so I shot you a PM.
  4. So thats what tracing is all about? Huh,guess I never put 2 n 2 together. Thanks
  5. Much want Many temptation
  6. For melee I have an E-Spear that has yet to be bested, not sure if theres any better melee than a good E-spear. For ranged I hear a Sparus is the best way to go.
  7. Woah woah woah, people can hack items to look like event items...? Wtf?
  8. ddace is too nice of a guy for me to bid against him, its all yours brotha.
  9. 5 cubes on the 24 eggs set to start you on. I can offer more if I get over bidded. I'm hunting for eggs for now over 6 months, I actually have 14 of them, so I only need 10, but buying a set seems the only way to get the bunny costume, and I want that costume so much. My SID is supposed to be in my sign, but since I'm on my phone, I don't see any signs, so let me know if you can't see my SID Sent from the depths of my mindI'll support you with cube currency if you need it, you helped me so much on console I dont mind paying you back my brotha. Judt PM me if you need support, Im here fo
  10. Picture in post isnt working for me, is this the same clava^^^?
  11. 30 cubes. Tdmg would only be barely over 700. Gotcha, thank you sir. I was able to get a similar clava so this one is all yours pyro. ^_^
  12. Theres a lot of ULT++ clavas popping up after that auction lol, I have yet to get my hands on one. lol 25 cubessss What would the tower damage come out to?
  13. Well I gave away my good drill to a friend so if you decide to sell I'll pay ya a few cube-o-las for it. If not, still a very nice find! Congrats!
  14. I had someone tell me my monk gear is hacked, could I get someone to come check out all of my heroes and make sure im not running fishy gear?
  15. Forgot that too, lol. It's ending Thursday night, 9 P.M. (CST). Thank you sir!
  16. Thanks. I think they would have to change to different forums or reset everyone to 0 on this one for them to not carry over. Since they just have a different section of these forums for DD2, I would assume it carries. Who knows what they are planning. Currently if you link your forum account to DD2 it just says Defense Councilor. You keep your forum posts but lose the cool titles. That will probably change later though. Gotcha, it all makes sense now... *movie quote*
  17. Far too much, especially when I was moderating. The contest I won was held well before the release on console/pc. Just took them a long time to follow through ;) Well with 8,000 posts you've had to have easily read over 20-30k even more...I dont even want to think about how much you've seen on these forums. lol
  18. Thanks for bids, people, keep em coming! Both hidden reserves have been met.Awesome, any idea when you're looking to end the auction?
  19. Question; When is this going to end? Shoot me a PM if I won hen you end it, ty sir
  20. I have 2 friends who need to run it for Ult Defender, mind if i pay for them?
  21. A 401 would be great to use for almost everything. Well I got it before there was Ult+ or ++ so starting stats werent that great for dmg and hero stats are low in comparison to what you can get now. Agreed, not a bad sword, but not the best either.
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