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  1. Had a fine gentleman buy a few off me this morning so I'm good to go! Thanks!
  2. Hate to ask,but whats the cv of a magi? I'm not sure how accurate the old value lists I'm looking at are 
  3. CV updated! Thanks for the participation guys!
  4. Bought out! Thanks to all who participated! -Nick
  5. 15, it says in his post he values diamonds at 5/10/15. which means 5 noncap, 10 single cap, 15 couble cap. Didn't know that's what the 5/10/15 thing meant,thanks. Unfortunately I dont have any sets that would match this amazing piece. Good luck with the auction!
  6. oh,I derped,for some reason I thought you were selling one and I was asking for a trace. Hahahaha,my bad man,free bumps I suppose then xD
  7. I have the colors thine seekith. If thou wish to lay thine eyes upon them,add me on steam
  8. Dont be so quick to give up, I was mainly doing this to get more sets out there,not to make a profit (goodness knows I don't need more things). My reserves were set extremely low in comparison to the reserve I set in the last auction. I was planing to use the traded items in a giveaway,that way,everyone wins! So when the opportunity presents itself I'll be throwing some of these set out for a significantly lower price. I might even throw in a few for the give away haha! Only time will tell I suppose...
  9. Well,you cant beat logic I guess. Coming back into the forums after so long I didn't know it was bad ATM. I suppose holding off is in everyone's best interest. Thank you for bringing this to my attention Pan. Sorry for causin' a ruckus fellas...
  10. Closed: Pan brought up a good point. Thank you to all who participated,when the economy is healthier I'll give this another run.
  11. EDIT: Someone beat me to it,shoulda read the comments before posting xD Ill b/o at 2 glaciers my good sir! Trace: Me
  12. Im mainly interested in the monk wep for DPS and a squire for tower,naturally,its gotta be IC'd and I'll pay a fair price. Thanks!
  13. Nah,thats quite alright,If I'm going to win I want it to be through my own efforts. But I'm doing free runs for those who cant run it themselves so this post still serves the purpose to help them too! Everybody wins! *whoot*
  14. I think it might (or should be) valued a little less than lab since lab is harder IMO but I've been away from the DD economy/community too long to put in a valid opinion. What ever is most widely accepted as equal value is the measure I will use. As for the chars I could bring out more than one if I could remember how to use my emulator haha.
  15. I already see this becoming a thing so I'm just jumpin ahead of the curve. I will only be paying for runs after rcdm462's farming competition as to not have an unfair advantage. I just wanted to start poking around and finding prices per run/what its worth. May even run some people myself it being so easy (and fun). If your're interested,post here or message me on steam for a more immediate response. GLHF out there defenders! May the RNG gods be with you. -Nick Side note: If you're a lower level and need some gear or mana, add me and when I do my farming runs I'll invite and run you free of
  16. Are you no longer accepting events?
  17. cubes value Haha,I cant believe I couldnt figure that one out on my own *facepalms* Thanks!
  18. Hows about 20 cubes? Just for clarification,whats a "cv"? Been gone a while,looks like you guys picked up some lingo haha xD
  19. Great! Nothing wrong with more mana! Haha
  20. You must log in through steam to the forums for that. I tried to search your name on steam by curiosity and found 1 guy who doesn't own DD. Got it workin'! Does that mean you're trading the cube for mana? Yeah,I'll edit the post,shoulda been more clear. Thanks!
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