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  1. yo death do you have school this week? cause ill be on wednesday in the morning you think you can get on? ps i got my mage to 78 if you didnt know and my huntress to 74 :)Yeah,but in 34 days I graduate with my Bachelors degree in computer graphics! *WHOOT* *WHOOT* but I still have work so I'll still be on at my normal times. 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm weekdays and all weekend.
  2. Yeah,I was gone for a while. I was getting really stressed out not being able to post anything. But thanks to the great power of the Hit,Im back in action!
  3. Hey there guys,as some of you may have noticed-I havent been on forums for a while. I was having trouble logging into my Deathdealer1877.. account. I still cant log into it but thanks to my hero Hitmon chan,Im back on forums! He stuck with me,helping me out even though he didnt have to. Trendy-you got yourself a keeper there! But at any rate,dont mind my small ammount of posts,its still the same Deathdealer. Just a diffrent profile and far less posts. If you were on my friends list before,feel free to shoot me another friends request and I'll add you! Im glad to be back up and running agai
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