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  1. Heya all, after seeing a few of the end game guys I realized I'm slacking in the accessories department. So I'm offering cubes for 400+ tower dmg acc's with good sides preferably. Naturally, the better the item the more cubes you'll pull. Just post a picture and a price and we can make something happen! (or message me on steam and get me in game if you're like me and too lazy to do pics) 'preciate it guys -Nick
  2. Saw a few but none of the ones I was looking for,very cool map though,never played as a dragon before xD
  3. Did anyone happen to grab a screen shot of the "Wall of Fame" in the lower dungeon in the tavern while it was up? Theres a few people on there I'd like to get in touch with again but I cant remember the correct spellings. If anyone has it and can link it,that would be greatly appreciated. Free cubes to the one who does! Thanks all! -Nick
  4. Been running around on my lvl 74's lately and would like something a little snazzier for those days when I'm feeling pretty. Looking for DPS primarily. Trading cubes Thanks in advance -Nick Feel free to post pics or hmu on steam
  5. Hard not to say "duh" to this xD But yes my good sir,I do mean mana,haha I'll put an asterisk next to "money"
  6. I got cubes and no money*, so if you got money* I got cubes. ^_^ Just find me on steam and we will make it happen! Thanks Nick money*=mana
  7. 1 CV on the kitteh for me please
  8. Ah,I see we may have a competition in the works xD 5 on 4
  9. 1 cube on 7 and 9 please! and 2 on 4
  10. Well I don't know what his forum name is (didnt ask) but his steam is "THATSCRAZY". Really nice guy,and yeah,he bought out for 140 coobits. Ur welcome :D I made you 30 cubes more :) And thanks Veetoo,I almost swindled myself ;D
  11. A friend offered me a b/o,thanks to all who participated! -Nick
  12. Is it? Thanks for the save! Haha,I'll swap it around!
  13. No sir-reee,im just getting items to sell for cubes when i need em. I'm breaking down some bigger items so I don't have to do something big to get more cubes. Yah feel? Added a B/O to help move things along. After the reserve hits ill end it 24hrs after that, or until it gets b/o. Thanks everyone!
  14. Hate to ask,but whats the cv of a magi? I'm not sure how accurate the old value lists I'm looking at are  Usually 90 - 100 Cv Awesome,thanks! C/O Updated!
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