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  1. I keep trying dieefrent ways to delete but it wont go away, plz halp. If @trendy is watching plz remove this post!
  2. OOOOH gotcha, I uploaded an edit but I cant seem to remove the first pic no matter what I try, should I delete the post and repost?
  3. I dont think I've seen an auction for these since around the time it was released so Im quite curious to see what it will go for. If this goes well, I may put up arm guards of earth/fire/wind/love and maybe the full sets of the Isom gear(guards+pony) Lets see how this goes! Happy Defending!
  4. Not sure what this fella goes for but I would love to get my hands on one for the right price. I have cubes and old event items from my hosting days(no sure what any of those are worth these days) For reference, when I was active a Rainmaker was around 120 cubes,whats the going rate these days? Also how much are cubes valued at? Sorry for the additional questions,just an old defender trying to catch back up! <3
  5. Aww man that is quite a bummer! How cool would this guy have been if ot had 465^?! Thats cool to know though,ty for the info!
  6. Censor? Not sure what you mean my friend..
  7. Thansks for the heads up on that Garzhod, thats a shame to hear, I wouldn't feel right just taking mana without trading something,plus I need quite a bit. Im not sure what anything sells for anymore but I'll be sure to hang onto the cubes I have left. I didnt think about them being harder to aquire so Ive been giving those away to randoms too (gave away around 100 so far). Hopefully the newer players dont fall into any traps since I didnt warn them about this but I will make sure to do so going forward. Guess I'll have to find another means of mana production,and so let the grind begin! A
  8. Hey all, old time returning player. Havent been on forums in a few years,just getting back into gaming after a long time. I spend most of my time now giving away items and mana to newer players and helping them level up/teaching how to build,and well...now I'm out of mana to buy items with or to give away haha. I have many cubes of various colors that I'm looking to sell for mana to pass onto new players (do different color cubes still have a price difference?) Not sure what anything is worth anymore but I trust this community so I will take what I can get! Thanks in advance for
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