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  1. Personally lets me start off by saying I never really liked mastery. Personal opinion of course. However since it's down maybe try moving them behind onslaught floor locks. 7 Hyper shards so maybe lock them behind every 10 floors say floor 30 to 100 personally not gotten very far in onslaught since the expansion release so maybe getting to floor 100 may be a bigger challenge then what the shard is worth, however it can always be tweaked. I only suggest this because well 1). Mastery is down & 2). I Never liked being advised or told how to play a map to beat it for a reward. What do you guys think?
  2. yes I found this out shortly after posting thanks for the info. I was freaking out... =S
  3. Ok so i just came back after a long break. So i want to change my builds etc, however when i unequiped my dryad relics that had shards in them some being mastery shards.... they vanished and are not in my inventory anymore. Can i get them again or am i just screwed. Anyone else had this issue?
  4. I Hope app Blockades get love soon. ATM CC is too valuable to not have. I would prefer App blockades with meteors back. @Trendy I want my App Blockade shard already.......
  5. IF they ever bring back the Aps shard that lets his Blockade drop meteors when attacked it will be a lot better. I used to love watching those things melt bosses and rollers....
  6. this is why I solo SO much. I dont mind helping people and I love seeing alternative builds to what i use. But some people just irritate me. I am on PC on C7 if anyone just wants to play and shoot out ideas for builds im all game. Mordyo is my Tag on steam. or message me on here directly.
  7. I think my version hates me. I am constantly getting double siege rollers and that is the only time i sweat. because i cant always keep my walls up and since towers do jack squat to them its all on me.
  8. they nerfed drench and lightning into the dust since it was so strong at one point. Burning just does not seem to be worth the set up. and Shatter with its change is ok, however since i dont play shatter builds anymore i can not help.
  9. they are easier in C6 and C7 due to the ammount. in C5 there are like 7-8 spawning on the last waves and all at once. in C6 and C7 they are more spread out which is cake. Also once you realize how they work they are easy as is.
  10. The wiki is something that we host, but is up to the users to update it. We are looking into ways to increase engagement with the wiki so that it stays up to date. Well the wiki seems not needed since the DD2 tools site is getting more traffic.
  11. I agree, but if they did this with lava they would have to do it with dryad too. If they did that my dryad tank would be OP like more so than she already is......
  12. I have had better luck with main stat value over gold value and i play PC
  13. I do agree lavamancer needs a rework his towers are high DU for little effect of Why. Maw was nerfed previously and is very slow and takes up 60DU..... not worth it. did the lower volcano like they did mystic obilisk recently if not same principal. I am sure he will get his time to shine. just give them time. Now they are playing with 3 platforms which slow down patches and content due to constraints by sony and microsoft. Trying to keep it lvl takes a bit.
  14. because I use the wiki not the dd2tools. kinda pisses me off that i wasted all those medals because the WIKI is not UP TO DATE!!!!
  15. if the shard table on the DD2 tools is more correct then the wiki. They need to fix it!!! [[4370,users]]
  16. not got Bastille yet, I got mostly original 4 C7 maps and dead road. Looking forward to that one too actually. I love it, I love both throne room maps tbh, though the assault is more challenging I prefer the normal version for aesthetic reasons. personally I think Assault on Throne room could use a DU limit increase of 50-100, but that's just me.
  17. I personally think the weak spot hit box is too small i mean even with the current monk method its a pain to get your positioning just right so you actually do decent damage
  18. I know the shard wiki says it does, but I just went through most of my defenders medals say about was maxed out now 0 and did not get it in the shard packs? So I want to say the wiki is wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Abyssal Lord is one of the best boss breakers if your using orc towers and him as your DPS. they melt the mini bosses except the roller of course. Before I got to c5 he wrecked everything. Once i hit assassins I swaped to squire DPS with Flame shield shard and its a face roll atm tried c6 once was a tought loss to say the least will keep farming c5 a bit and work on c6 soon.
  20. My biggest issue with the emp orcs is they even attack straight up or areas they should not be able to reach. IF i place and aura no where near them they seem to long range attack right at it even thought the range is maxed with a DS shard in it they still nail it. EMP orcs are still Op they need a nerf and should not have a ranged attack. They are not OP at all they are just a bit annoying, this is how I handle EMP orc's with Flame Auras. Place outside of the lane and watch carefully how far away you need to place them so they are not attacked. You should use 50/50 gambit + range shard.In some cases Auras will be stomped, in these cases make sure they do not line up with additional auras from the perspective of the EMP Orc. By lining up I mean a very wide line from the the initial Aura to any others, and yes the EMP shockwave is extremely wide!If lining auras up is unavoidable, i suggest placing decoy auras. these auras are placed specifically to trigger the EMP Orc's first attack while the other auras kill it. Obviously the decoy aura is placed so when it is EMP'ed it sends the EMP shockwave in a completely harmless direction.Use powerful slows and freezes to CC enemies in the hopes of slowing orcs to the point they may die before being in range to EMP or freeze/stun them before they use their EMP.I personally used Flame Auras + 2 frosties per lane on all C5 maps back when Flame Auras were very weak and C5 was "end game". Good luck whatever you end up doing :) thanks for the reply. Like you I love the monk towers and I hate deviating from my preffered play style. Will keep this info handy. What shards do you suggest in the flame auras and frosties?
  21. My biggest issue with the emp orcs is they even attack straight up or areas they should not be able to reach. IF i place and aura no where near them they seem to long range attack right at it even thought the range is maxed with a DS shard in it they still nail it. EMP orcs are still Op they need a nerf and should not have a ranged attack.
  22. Love the initiate. When are the next cross class hero's coming? Also when will we get Frost Keep?
  23. cool. I never found the mana bomb one before trials. probably why i was shocked it was on mana bomb
  24. Tittle says it all. I see the shard has been moved to a hero shard rather than a defense one. Can we get it back? Just a thought
  25. pole smash knocks them up in the air and flames don't attack flying enemies, since they are knocked up in the air they count as flying so the flamethrowers stop attacking them till they land.
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