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  1. Not proven, but seems that Sky City and Aquanos for me drops the most.
  2. This isn't WoW where every drop is the same w/the same stats. I've ran Sky City on NMHC Survival mulitple times for ROFLcopter kitties. Sometimes I get 35 mana ones, some times I get 100+... it's called random for a reason. ;)
  3. Depending on where the crystal is in relations to the wall, some times I do both since it's only 1 DU per wall.
  4. I had the same frustration too, but the biggest thing you can't do is make someone else's build and expect to get the same results. Watch how other people build, see why they're building it and then use your own chars strengths to accomplish the same thing. 99% of builds have a combination of Squire, EV, Summoner, and Monk. And starting to see more huntress. So if you don't have these chars, focus on getting them up to 90'ish and around 2k stats. And if you don't have the character to handle misty, don't force it. I tried to do the same thing, but what's the point of wasting time setting it up every 20 mins just to fail. Find a similar map that is easier to set up, go longer, and get more drops/mana and then buy gear. I agree that the copters are annoying, but at the same time, it adds another level of difficulty. Which for people like myself, enjoy the challenge. It wouldn't be fun if they came from the same direction, same path, same monster every time. Like others have said, they're there to help and I'm here to help too.
  5. Select one character, hold alt and click on another (so long as its not in the same location on a different page) Ah, cool, didn't know they added that.
  6. So I recently started back up and noticed quite a bit of changes, but there are a few things that still bother me about the game that aren't significant, but would be nice. So with a 'fresh pair of eyes' came up with a list that some people have already suggested, but also a few new ideas. => Difficulty Finding Upgrades on Map. Colorblind Mode - Help people like me to see on the map if there are upgrades or not. Or some sort of symbol change. => Better Loot Indicator System Have a filter that allows you to have items shown if you want to pick them up or not. If you have max gear, you can't really tell if the stats are better or not. ie) I want items that have +100 char hp, dmg, casting. => Be Able To Re-Arrange Char Selection Screen Kind of a pain switching between two pages to select characters. Maybe have a hot key assigned to the spot on the screen, like press 1 for this char, press 2 for this char. => Remove Server Select Screen Simplify it a little and instead of "Play Online" just have both buttons that are on the next screen, on the first screen. => Fix Shop Function - Entering In Mana Super annoying to have to make sure that the mouse stays in the window to enter in amounts. => Scroll Bar on the Server Select Screen Change it, it's ugly :P => Hero/Item Stats Upgrade? Haven't thought of how to fix it, but one thing that's annoying is figuring out if the item I'm looking at is a big enough upgrade. The reason why it's hard is that if you have the set bonus, it's hard to see what the original stats are. => Name Filter Seen a few names that are just aweful, I'm an adult so I don't care as much, but I'm sure there are little kids playing. => Server Location on Server Screen One frustration is always finding the type of game/difficulty I want to play, but when I join, it's complete lagfest due to the person being on the other side of the world. More to come! But it's late and I'm sleepy.
  7. Like the new map besides a few glitches, like not being able to summon on a bridge and landscape blocking the few of building..
  8. I'm looking for this achievement as well... [email]dex_3_16@hotmail.com[/email] is my steam info
  9. Any one else constantly losing connection in game? It's been bad the past hour. I tried playing a few other games on steam and haven't had the same issue.
  10. Yep! Initiate = Monk, but she runs faster. :) Sorry, for some reason I skipped over that =S I'll make up a little guide or you can add me to steam and you can watch me set it up.
  11. Do you have a monk? I have a decent build with lower stats (between 1000-2000).
  12. Looks like a summoner w/ a chest behind him.
  13. Was on wave 28 of 30 oh NMHC Survival Mix Aquanos... /Rage
  14. As someone that is color blind and can't tell them apart, I support this! Even have a colorblind mode or something where it's shapes or something, ANYTHING besides those same color dots.
  15. So I finally started back playing again and trying to figure things out. And right now I know I don't have decent gear to get through alot of Kings Survival but from Wave 1 to 13, can get about 200mil when I solo it. (I think the numbers are right, have to check it). But here are my chars (I know they stink). :squire: = 1200/2148/788/775 :series: = 994/871/895/1031 :monk: = 807/1086/983/314 :summoner: = 807/1086/983/314 Here's the layout for the top. (Yes I died so I can take aerial pictures) TOP LAYOUT PICTURE And here's the bottom. BOTTOM LAYOUT PICTURE I can easily get up to wave 13, but after that the Wyrvn just fly over and 'nom' the crystal to bits. Mainly on the top level. Any idea on how to counter this? Thinking maybe a snare aura in the direction that they come from.
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