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  1. You get The Soul Focuser from Campaign Alchemical Labs. Farmed mine on massacre difficulty but it dosn't need to be on massacre.
  2. Got this weapon today after 10-12 hour grinding for it. https://imgur.com/a/RZETaiO
  3. Happens alot to me when im using bees :( What really sucks is that sometimes a lady orc or another mob is hitting my tree and an assasin jump me at the same time and then im just standing there looking at my bees doing nothing even tho they are 5 feets away and my tree goes down.
  4. I did see it, it's when you lost a map. So you have to lose the map before you can reroll it? That just seems like wasted time to me.
  5. Cant seem to find the option to "Reroll Map". Where is it?
  6. In-Game Name: SaroxFavorite Hero: HuntressOther Games You Play: Diablo 3, PoE ( Fallout 4 in less than a month :D )Favorite Thing: My brand new car :D
  7. To make it easier to solo content. Hard with only 1 class for solo. You kinda need 1 tower builder and one dps + frostbite tower or some auras also helps alot.
  8. Do not! I repeat DO NOT! waste your tokens on a heavy cannon ball sphere as its totally useless right now. Normal cannonball tower - 8683 dps Heavy cannonball tower - 2605 dps And the aoe is so small you wont even see it hit more than max 3 mobs.
  9. Agreed!. I mean come on, im ilvl 610 and i cant even solo my daily quest that requires ilvl 235 because of downscaling ... I really dont see the point of downscaling in a game that wants you to become powerful but wont allow you to be powerful.
  10. If you think that is bad dont try Squires uber sphere, from 3k dps to 600 dps, aoe that barely hits 2 mobs and attack speed at 3.4 with tower attack speed spheres on and the closer mobs gets to it the less dmg it does, all the way to 30% less dmg -.- Oh forgot to say that you also lose the ability to hit air mobs with your cannon. yay
  11. Well i do have a life and full time job so there is that. Also i did the boring part by doing betsy farm to lvl 50 and from there it went pretty quick. Started at around ilvl 160 to ilvl 550 in a day or something like that. This is after Nightmare got nerfed btw so only mini bosses drop loot.
  12. Its still better to have a lvl 50 item or else you gotta keep alot of items for every map that downscales :P
  13. Crit Chance and Crit Damage isn't calculated into DPS. You have to do that calculation yourself. Well that is just bad design -.-
  14. Sarox

    Idea tower skins

    They are already making skins to towers for ppl with Collectors Edition and im sure more are on the way.
  15. Go after Power and health since crit chance and crit dmg barely does anything, +400 crit chance gives my tower like 10 dps ....
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