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  1. First they changed electrical to stunning mmm why because a few noodles complain then you take the drop rates for the chards and motes and buffed the slime oh deary the slime if and you look at the concurrent rate of players mmm oh don't see a lott of people playing that's a bit consirning or is the steam charts off or is there something wrong there only in 2017 there were above a thousands players so it's consirning is it or not don't look at the download look at who is playing from 2017 till now under a thousand on steam alone ok Xbox I see regulars in and out same old same old European serv
  2. Hi I been a fan of DD2 cince it launched when it went on Xbox me and my wife plays this game roughly 5000 plus hours for me an her the same this game we love to bits unfortunately you nerfed or changed the drop rates what the hell I have spent a lott of money on this game I'm at this point even my wife to uninstall and let go. Make me understand why you make a game even more Grindy . Can you please explain to me what is the point? Your player base needs to be looked at who ever makes these poor choices to kill your player base needs to be fired thank you I enjoyed this game now Make me believ
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