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  1. Ah, he’s talking about Grinch’s #1 Fan
  2. Placemat for my entry. Going to improve upon it, but feeling a bit lazy today :) P.S. Harpoons suck, but I wanted to experiment hehe http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064314810 Updated... will try more later
  3. 80cv for helm. 90 if you trade today.
  4. This is a high 173x total for dps stats piece. Below are two scenarios in how to upgrade this and their stats. Events accepted: Pointy hats/NPC, Celebracers, Limepie, Ginger, Celebracers and FP. Will consider others if using as add. Elf/Clebration Hats 150 NPC 175 Ginger 200 Lime Pie 200 Celebracers - 180 FP- 500 Buyout is FP. Strong chance that buyout is the only way to get this. Auction ends by 04/23 unless buyout. I reserve the right to not sell if I'm not satisfied with the highest bid :) You can reach me on discor
  5. WTA this Pristine ++ Helmet. Posted two sets of screenshots- 1 for dps and 1 for app TDMG Reaches 1.1k after Set bonus, along with those sides . See image below for referral(upped in open). You can message me on discord for more information. Can also be upgraded as a dps helmet as it will cost 81 upgrades. 113x Hdmg after bonus. Posted below as well. I reserve the right to not sell if highest bid does not satisfy me. Buyout is FP and I'll add EPH, Cinnamon and my ++ 77x thp/90x rate/999 tdmg/36x range with 53x cast speed App Staff Pricing: Elf/Clebra
  6. my soul and a box of chicken nuggets
  7. Auction over- bought out by Doctor Uber <3
  8. Sesar bids Celebration + Magi = 230cv
  9. Want to Auction this ++ Pristine DPS Helmet. Posted below are the stats that are unupped and upped in either HDMG or Ab2 with and without set bonuses. All of this was done on open! 163x Total Raw cv only accepted if added alongside higher-end events. I reserve the right to not sell if I'm not satisfied with the highest bid. Buyout is Celebracers (feel free to negotiate with me on discord. You can reach me at morden4#1659) Elf/Clebration Hats 150 NPC 175 Ginger 200 Lime Pie 200 Celebracers - buyout Magicite- 80 Gaias- 80
  10. Heroes Used: Dps Monk (boss), EV (boss), Summoner and Huntress. No Fibonacci Sequence for this one, sorry Escev! I've got to say, Etherian Holiday Extravaganza was no cakewalk without App Towers. Thanks for the fun challenge :) <3. There's more to the game than just building towers and doing poly hehe Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064314810 p.s. just noticed my ev has no brooch lol
  11. morden4

    WTA Celebracers

    Totally offering my FP for this. 100% because I've got 50x ****************************jokes, but good luck to everyone bidding
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