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  1. Not selling unless i get ginger/limepie+50 as I've sold off my old helm
  2. All my auction items were dropped on Sundays how great :) https://imgur.com/sseh4ZP Dias 5/10/15 Crackers: 150 Rainmaker: 150 Gaias: 90 Wind Magi: 120 Celebration/Elf Party Hat: 180 Celebracers: 220 New Patch Celebration: 200 Ginger/Limepie: Buyout FP: Buyout and I add New Patch Celebration+150 cv Butterscotch: Buyout and I add 150 cv Armors: dm me I count as cv or maybe even buyout 4/24/22 9 p.m (Eastern time U.S) 5/07/22 10 pm biggai#8742
  3. C4SPER has spent his limepie on 2 of my old pieces so his offer probably retracted
  4. Have a helm thats either ab2 or ab1, each going past 1200 if not well past it. https://imgur.com/a/jWXLeHU Dias 5/10/15: Only accept if used as add Celebracers 180 NPC 180 Other pointies 150 Ginger 250 Limepie 250 Butterscotch Buyout Final Patch: Buyout, and ill add npc Crackers: 120 Wind Magi 120 Other magis: buyout and I add celebracers+npc armguards(other then love already have) 100 Gaias 100 South Pole 100 Rockshatter 100 Other events: I will accept as bid, but they will be discounted
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199193166524/ https://imgur.com/a/TIg0lQr Didnt do fibbo, was too busy to do that biggai#8742
  6. Oh, thought it meant you valued them more, think editing to "only events accepting" will clear up any misunderstandings in the future
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