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  1. DEFENDERS, We’ve got some all natural goodies coming to DDGR. New hero, adjustment to some talents, some nice quality of life additions/changes, a boat load of bug fixes, and more! This is the start of what you can expect to come in future Going Rogue updates! New Hero: The Warden Spew Shrooms, fire seeds, and summon brambles to defend Etheria. Welcome your favorite Guardian of Nature to DDGR! Weapon and Attack Polearms - Wield a mighty polearm to cleave through your foes! Skill Sprout - Shoots an AoE explosive seed, dropping a buff seed on its impact. Pi
  2. What is Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue? It’s a whole new roguelite experience built out of Dungeon Defenders Awakened. You choose your hero to take on waves of enemies, creating unique and custom builds as you progress each time you play! Play as the Squire, Huntress, Apprentice, or Monk, acquiring powerful weapons, defenses, and runes to take on the hordes that await. And don’t fret, there’s more heroes coming! As you play, you’ll earn XP that you can apply to the talent system. This same XP is also applied to the Hero Mastery system and unlocks permanent attributes a
  3. DEFENDERS, Thank you for taking the time over the past month to fill out our DDA feedback forms. During this time we compiled and aggregated this data so that we could ensure that we address as many of the community’s concerns as possible, while also staying reasonable in what we can accomplish. Here is our action plan going forward at this point. We do anticipate that there will be more additions to this list, but we wanted to make sure that we came back to the community with the plans we currently have. Also, in another effort to be as transparent as possible, we have linked the results
  4. [CG] Andrew

    DDA Feedback Survey

    DEFENDERS, We have been gathering feedback from our DDA community over the past week, and have the first round of results in. Using this feedback, we have put together a survey to help us drill down on some of the most important issues to the community. The new survey can be found here. Thanks again for taking the time to give us feedback!
  5. Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback! This is one of our first balance passes, and there will definitely be many more tweaks over time. I feel like the Huntress is still in a pretty reasonable spot (she was SUPER good before) and taking her down a little helps incentivize people to try out other Heroes and strategies. We definitely don't expect to get the balance perfect, especially this early, but we want all the Heroes to be fun to play and have strengths and weaknesses. Fun is definitely the goal here, but we do want to keep all our Heroes reasonably powerful.
  6. DEFENDERS, Today we are redeploying our most recent DD2 update. The original version of this patch caused significant server issues that we believe to be resolved with this hotfix. In addition to the original patch we have added a few extra changes as well (which I have italicized for easier parsing). Thanks again for all of your patience while we're working to resolve these issues. Abyss Lord Changes Hero Changed the Abyss Lord hero damage multiplier to 5. Changed the right click scalar of the Abyss Lord to from 3 to 2. The Abyss Lord can now hold right click
  7. DEFENDERS, Today we are making our first significant balance pass on Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue. We have collected a ton of useful data internally as well as from the speedrun competition and community at large. This is just our first pass at balance and you can expect more patches in the future as we continue to iterate! Balance Ancient Dragon Will no longer have a random number of flying patterns or fire barrage attacks while flying. As before, the Ancient Dragon will do 3 charges in each phase. Previously it had a chance to change directions, but now it will always co
  8. DEFENDERS, It has been an incredible launch for Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue, including our inaugural Dungeon Dash speedrun competition! After going through and verifying all of our competitors' best times, we are now proud to announce our top 10 speedrunners! 1st: TTVLewictic 14m 39s 2nd: Arymer 15m 22s 3rd: Pinguinio 15m 32s 4th: Pind Diesl Smurf 17m 08s 5th: Kishida 17m 32s 6th: Win or Feed 17m 51s 7th: TrafkZ 18m 09s 8th: NaC| `NeckeD 19m 17s 9th:
  9. DEFENDERS, It has been almost one week since we launched DDGR, and we have been getting a ton of great feedback from our community. We want to make sure we are addressing as many of these concerns as quickly as possible, so today we are releasing our second Hotfix! Bug Fixes Fixed brightness on some maps when Shadow Quality is set to minimum by player. The image in the next map portal for clients is always the shop Some enemies (looking at you, Ogre) have nameplates that are lingering on death for too long Added buff bar support for additional Talents and Run
  10. With an early access release comes early access bug fixes and iteration! We aren’t looking to adjust balance while the Dungeon Dash is going on, so these fixes shouldn’t include any nerfs or major changes that affect the competition. Let’s get into it. Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements Fixed a handful of crashes that rarely happened, but no more! Fixed multiplayer visual issues with enemy health bars and animations when playing with 3 or 4 players. Defense duration bar properly updates when modified Fixed an issue where the Ancient Dragon wouldn't be targeted by some
  11. GOING ROGUE DUNGEON DASH We’re kicking off the release of Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue with a single player speedrunning celebration! Defenders new and old get to compete for a top spot on who can take on the hordes of enemies and epic boss fights the fastest. Will you live on the edge and go a glass cannon build, or bulk up to increase your survivability to get to the end? It’s up to you, the only thing that matters is that you go fast! What Is It? The Dungeon Dash is a speedrunning competition where players will be competing until April 3rd at 11:59PM ET to get the fas
  12. DEFENDERS, We have made a few changes to address some of the instability you may have been experiencing recently. This update is currently live for Steam users. Console players will receive the update after it passes certification. Bug Fixes and Updates Reverted change on towers and dummies to use a bigger integer as it was contributing to server instability We're still narrowing down the additional issue that's causing problems Fixed an issue where Beat the Heat Bundle sometimes pops up in master rewards Fixed an issue where the Fenix egg s
  13. Hey there and apologies. We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our data centers and we will update our social channels as it clears up.
  14. DEFENDERS, We noticed during our Community Manager’s DD2 streams that the Abyss Lord could use a little love, so we are handing out a few buffs to your favorite underwater denizen! (Totally kidding about the stream thing. We are doing this for actual and legit balance reasons.) We have also found several more issues that we want to address and we are doing so in this patch. Let’s get into it! This patch is now live on all platforms! Abyss Lord Changes Hero Changed the Abyss Lord hero damage multiplier to 5 Changed the right click scalar of the
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