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  1. Figured this would be a good place to stop in and say Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good holiday season!
  2. DEFENDERS, We are very excited to show off our progress on DDA Episode II by introducing our newest map: The Lost Metropolis! Defend your core from threats old and new in the shadow of structures from a forgotten civilization. (Bonus internet points if you spot the one true hero, Hammel, below) New Map: Lost Metropolis What’s Next? Here at Chromatic Games we will be taking time off to spend with our friends and families over the holiday season. That means tomorrow is the last Funday Friday stream of 2021! Ma
  3. DEFENDERS, We just put out a new patch for DD2, and didn’t want to leave the DDA fans out in the cold! We have added some new Winterfest cosmetics, and will be having a login event coming up soon for those of you looking to earn even more. This new patch is now live on Steam and Xbox, with Switch soon to follow. We will make sure to update everyone as soon as it goes live on each platform. New Cosmetics The following cosmetics are all part of our Winter Defenderland DLC that is purchasable on all platforms. Like everything in DDA, anything that is purchased for the game is
  4. DEFENDERS, It’s been a little over a month since we introduced the Mercenary, and that means the Winterfest season is upon us! In the spirit of giving, we are giving you a little bit of everything! We have some optimizations, a new tower, some cool new cosmetics, balance changes, and much more. Let’s get into it! 64-bit Client We are adding a 64-bit beta client for potential fixes for many different crashes and general stability. Currently, a fraction of a percent of all Steam users are still on operating systems that can only play 32-bit games. For the time being, both versions
  5. Hey there! Go ahead and send an email to our support team (support@chromatic.games) with your info and they can look into this for you.
  6. Our appeal team will reach out to you in the case of an unban. We do have a zero tolerance policy for situations where we have verified hacking/cheating was involved. If you have not been contacted after a few days, it is pretty safe to assume that you will not be unbanned.
  7. Hey there! Send an email over to our support team (support@chromatic.games), and they can take a look at it. No guarantees on the outcome obviously. Good luck!
  8. DEFENDERS, Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you, and to show our appreciation we wanted to give back in the best way we know how: with a free steaming turkey mask! Anyone who logs in from now until December 8th will get our newest transmog, the Harvest Gobbler Mask! Don’t miss out! Thanksgiving Login Event Harvest Gobbler Mask (Gobble, gobble!) From now until December 8th, all defenders who login will receive the Harvest Gobbler Mask, unlocked through the Transmog UI. Make sure to hop on to get this absurdly tantalizing turkey mask before time runs out! Nintendo
  9. This is great! Thanks for taking the time to think through things and post this here. I have made a note of this thread and will be passing the feedback along.
  10. We will start work on split-screen and cross-saves after all of our port work is done, so that we can do everything all at once. Trading is something we are already looking at, and will release it when we are comfortable with it's integrity.
  11. DEFENDERS, We have been hard at work on DDA Episode II, and wanted to show off our colorful new map: The Bazaar! Here you will brave the onslaught from both enemies old and new as you protect Hammel the Camel (and sure, the core too I guess) at all costs! New Map: The Bazaar After defeating the Lycan King, the heroes traverse a great desert finally arriving at The Bazaar, the first map of Episode II! This map is a relic long forgotten, part of the same civilization that inhabited Tornado Valley and Tornado Highlands. You’ll have to fight your way through the Bazaar in order to pr
  12. DEFENDERS, Recently we have seen an increasing number of questions regarding the Dungeon Defenders Awakened PlayStation port. We felt that these questions deserved a more in-depth response so we sat down with one of our engineers, Lawson, and asked him directly! Q. What's been the most challenging thing when developing for PS? A. One of the difficulties we face with PlayStation development is that we are using a modified version of Unreal Engine. To be able to submit to PlayStation we had to manually upgrade our engine to be able to use Sony's new SDK (software developmen
  13. If you are still having this issue go ahead and send an email over to support@chromatic.games. They will be able to look into this and hopefully be able to get you taken care of.
  14. Hey there! If you are still having this issue send an email over to support@chromatic.games with your account details and they should be able to help.
  15. Hey there! How long ago did you play? If it has been since Beta or Early Access, progression from those times is no longer available.
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