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    CM Andrew's Last Day

    DEFENDERS, Hey all! I’m not really one for long, drawn-out, goodbyes so I’ll do my best to keep this short. I have recently accepted a position at another gaming company, and today is my last day at Chromatic Games. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your community with open arms almost a year ago. I have truly enjoyed my time here getting to know everyone, and doing my best to help in any way that I could make sure your voices were heard. I understand the timing here isn't great, especially with the new community-centric approach to DDA development just now kicking off. However, I s
  2. DEFENDERS, Let’s talk DDA. It has been a year since we have released a significant update. We’re sorry and we will do better. However, apologies don’t mean anything without action, so we want to lay out a path forward that keeps our community engaged and us accountable. With that, we bring you the DDA Community Task Force. DDA Community Task Force Internally, we have recently reorganized some of our structures to incorporate a small dedicated team to more readily and quickly respond to issues specifically on DDA. This team is headed up by Phil (of Funday Friday and Corgi
  3. DEFENDERS, We will be extending this PTR for one more week, as expected. We have made a handful of changes based on the data we have collected so far, and will be keeping a close eye on things as we move forward. We anticipate pushing the patch to the live game once we make any final changes and pass certification for consoles. If you are still looking to take part in the PTR to test these new changes, follow these instructions. We have also added a section to the bottom of the survey to reflect these new changes, so make sure to go back and edit your surveys. Feature Update
  4. Unfortunately there is no way to link accounts at this time. :(
  5. DEFENDERS, The Pre-Episode 2 Patch 1 PTR is now live, and we need help from our Defenders to test out these upcoming changes! As mentioned in the Preview notes, this PTR will be focused on the implementation of a handful of new features, continuing to improve the overall quality of life in DDA, and fine tuning some of the balance on defenses! How to Join Are you excited to check out these changes early? Do you like giving your opinion in a meaningful way? Do you want an exclusive Crystalline Corgi Pet Transmog? If any or all of these apply to you, we want you to join the P
  6. Hey there! This is something we are still looking into, but we don't currently have any sort of timeline as of now. When we have any updates on cross-saves we will make sure to update everyone.
  7. DEFENDERS, Recently we conducted a survey to gauge community perception regarding some of the potential upcoming changes in our first DDA Pre-Episode 2 patch. After going over your feedback, we have decided on several changes that we will be making in our next update that you can test in the upcoming PTR. Traditionally, we tend to speak more generally about theses changes, but today we wanted to champion some of the more specific feedback you have provided through our various channels! Pet Transmog This is one of our all-time most requested changes and we are excited
  8. DEFENDERS, We just released a hotfix to fix some of the early bugs and issues that we have found in the Shifting Sands Update. This hotfix is currently live for our Steam players, and should be live next week for those of you playing on console. Fixed Chi Spirit dead zone directly in front of the tower. Fixed some potential issues with the player shops not visually updating properly. Fixed an issue where Frosty Explosion was hitting friendly towers on retry. Fixed Spirit Charge and Concentrated Pyrotechnics damage buffs to function like Destruction. Reduced F
  9. DEFENDERS, Do you like new maps? Do you like some of your heroes getting some significant updates? If so, then we have the patch for you! In this update, we are bringing Tornado Valley to DD2 along with a bunch of new and updated abilities for the Initiate, Adept, Mystic, Series EV2, and Lavamancer. Let’s get into it. New Region - Tornado Valley Fans of other Dungeons Defenders games will instantly recognize our newest DD2 region: Tornado Valley. This region will have 2 new maps, and a new region specific enemy, a brand new boss fight. Make sure to stay hydrated as you attempt to
  10. DEFENDERS, If you follow our social media channels (and you should be by now) you may have noticed that I have been streaming a little more frequently during the week on our Twitch channel. I like to do this so that I can better acquaint myself with our streaming community, and have some fun while doing so. Live streaming is how I originally broke into the gaming industry, and is still something that I am still very passionate about. As such, I have been wanting to start a program to say thanks to our streamers, and today I am doing just that! Here is a link to a very short form to f
  11. DEFENDERS, Today we are putting out a small, but very impactful, update where we are happy to welcome back the Session Browser on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox! (that feels reallllly good to finally type out btw) In addition to bringing back the browser, we are also enabling the DDGR hero costumes, changing the Dark Elf Warrior, and fixing some frustrating bugs! Session Browser is back! This feature is back, you’re once again able to find other Defenders to play with. We’re sorry it was gone for a while, but it was out of our hands and took a lot of work to get back up and runni
  12. We are currently working on Episode 2, as well as a pre-Episode 2 patch that will address some of the concerns that we have seen in our Community Feedback Surveys. I don't have any specific dates to share yet, but we will be sure to update everyone as we have more info.
  13. Hey there! Keys have already gone out so make sure you double check your Backerkit and your email/spam. If you still don't have them send our support team an email (support@chromatic.games) so they can look into it. Make sure to include your email that you used to back the campaign as well as your region.
  14. DEFENDERS, We’ve got some all natural goodies coming to DDGR. New hero, adjustment to some talents, some nice quality of life additions/changes, a boat load of bug fixes, and more! This is the start of what you can expect to come in future Going Rogue updates! New Hero: The Warden Spew Shrooms, fire seeds, and summon brambles to defend Etheria. Welcome your favorite Guardian of Nature to DDGR! Weapon and Attack Polearms - Wield a mighty polearm to cleave through your foes! Skill Sprout - Shoots an AoE explosive seed, dropping a buff seed on its impact. Pi
  15. What is Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue? It’s a whole new roguelite experience built out of Dungeon Defenders Awakened. You choose your hero to take on waves of enemies, creating unique and custom builds as you progress each time you play! Play as the Squire, Huntress, Apprentice, or Monk, acquiring powerful weapons, defenses, and runes to take on the hordes that await. And don’t fret, there’s more heroes coming! As you play, you’ll earn XP that you can apply to the talent system. This same XP is also applied to the Hero Mastery system and unlocks permanent attributes a
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