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  1. This is also affecting auto loot. Auto loot is no longer saving settings either meaning it defaults to everything every run now...
  2. I made another topic about this as well. Its horrendous now. How you do submit a bug officially?
  3. When making any changes to item filtering now it no longer saves the settings and effectively wipes the bag back to default of nothing. this also includes the all items bag... which is frustrating to inventory manage at best of times. now its really annoying...
  4. After some testing tonight. Confirmed it to be UI bug. no actual XP is lost. Changing hero, going to tavern, dying, etc. all the above will reduce the xp wheel down to almost nothign again. (based on stat sheet) however. the next time you gain xp. (end of a wave) it will go back to where it should be plus what you just gained. The stat sheet is basically always wrong right now. always telling you that you have far less xp than you actually have. But no XP is seemingly lost. just tested this multiple times tonight on my grind to 83 from 80. TL;DR: No xp is actually los
  5. Some additional information for this Post. It looks like theres 3 elements at work here. Current XP (stat sheet) Current XP % (circle under name and assumed another background value somewhere) Xp needed for next level (stat sheet) when actively in an instance or map. XP gain seems fine for two of those. (amount needed, and the percentage under the name.) however when checking the stat sheet current xp. its clearly not in sync or correct. (you might gain 10mil but it will only increase by 500k or something) To explain further: if you gain 10mil xp during a
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