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  1. Hello everyone, First of all, I play on the Xbox... I'm desperately trying to kill the end boss Dune Eater... since the update from 06/16/2023 tons of ogres and wolves have spawned. The wave 23 to 25 is all normal but then when the final boss comes then 7 to 8 ogres and 5 to 6 wolves spawn at once. that's not normal... before the update it was still possible, but not anymore. I also watched some of the Juicebags videos and they don't show 7-8 ogres at once either. do you also have the problem?
  2. hey i would like to take part! I'm still missing the achievement. My GT is: Einfach Kult U can me add
  3. Hi, as far as I know you have to complete every map by wave 25. If you want to have all successes then you have to complete every map on massacre wave 25.
  4. I hope someone can help me. I have the "Fused Ancient" set with Monk and thus Tower 1 Rift Bonus. with Warden I have the "Fused Guard" set and thus Tower 2 Rift Bonus. Why don't I have Tower 2 in Rifted when I play with Monk? I thought that active heroes in the hero deck with fusion set would then also be usable for everyone. I don't understand somehow, what am I doing wrong ??? please help me
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