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  1. Wow... so there seems to be really no splitscreen-couchcoop but their trailer at the official nintendo estore shows?! Wow... even if they plan to "include it maybe anytime later" showing this feature on that trailer - like it would be already included, if the product don't include it - is scamming. And they even have no idea when it would be out there? And they decided to show it without any warning? Really? What a shame and what an untrustworthy company.
  2. Hey guys, i bought DDA on Switch few days ago. The Trailer on the Nintendo-eShop shows the possibility to play this game in SplitScreen (https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/dungeon-defenders-awakened-switch/, see 0:25). Also this Trailer shows the possibility to play in SplitScreen on same device (see 0:39). After buying this game i had to figure out: There seems to be no split screen! Am i missing something or is there really no splitscreen and possibility to play in couch coop on same console? If so, this is scamming, because the trailer shows exactly t
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