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  1. ignore this comment LB on controller not working correctly
  2. Hey all, Anybody else having trouble using there defences ?? i can't set up in town or in a map also can't see my daily tasks as well Thanks
  3. Hi All, Does anyone know when the next update for episode 2 for xbox come live ?? since playstation has got the game tryed looking on the road map no information on there, getting bored playing the same maps all the time need to get back to enjoy the game and enjoy the new hero and maps
  4. Not really bud if people leaves before collecting the chest at end sometimes the game freezes up before it put's you back into town. Nothing to do with you just too many people are impatient to wait a extra for secs.
  5. Hey all, I have 3 lavamancers in my deck when i play in chaos i really want the embermount mod to use for my build i have been trying for weeks to get the mod but no luck is there anything that i am doing wrong ?? or just bad luck ??
  6. Hey I have 1 mass destruction doing mastery but all my friend have 2 ... so my question is how do you get a second one after this new update on dd2 ?? Cheers everyone
  7. August 31st when i logged in before i tried starting up the game i needed a 8.67 GB update before i could play now that it has been done i tried looking up the patch notes on here to see what has changed, but nothing has been updated on here so i was wondering if this is a bug/glitch that has happened or nothing been updated on here. I have all updates so far anybody know what is going on with the game let me know
  8. Since the new update on the Xbox when i play survival on Act 2 maps the map glitches out with green areas anybody else having the same problem with this ?? Hope this gets fixed soon
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