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  1. They said it was being process through Nintendo Lot check. Once it passes, they will launch it.
  2. Have you try playing online yet? Not sure if that will make a difference or not.
  3. I got the Switch model when it first came out. The game plays smoothly when either in handheld or docked. I have all my games saved to a Samsung Evo SD card and the Switch internal storage all free up. Are you playing online or offline mode? Is your storage filled up? Do you have the game saved onto a SD card or internal storage?
  4. This is definitely a bug and hopefully can be hot fixed. I reported it to here and on discord. I’m not sure about your testing but I notice I was able to keep items and gold but the experience/levels did not save. Also Nightmare mana drop is bugged. Appears it is on the old style of system, as I was only getting 1200-1500 mana a run and couldn’t fully upgrade all my towers before completing all 25 waves. I’m assuming Massacre is probably the same. On the lag issue, I had someone DM me that they were experiencing really bad lag but then they had cleared up their SD card to allow more spac
  5. Here is my video from playing NMHC Survival on the Switch. It runs really well. Can get all the way up to wave 25 just fine, even with another player in the game as well. I did find out though that the mana drop in Nightmare is bugged. You will not gain enough mana to fully upgrade all your towers by the time you complete wave 25.
  6. That is crazy. I been doing Nightmare just fine for survival. Been farming Mines already with two players and been lucky to have no lag issues. We are playing in the dock position though so not sure if that plays into effect.
  7. I also reported this to the discord bug forum. Hopefully it is something that can get hot fix sooner then later as it is kind of pointless to join or invite people to games since none of the experience is saved. Thankful the gold and items stay at least.
  8. I haven’t experience any other issues thankfully. I just didn’t know if I was the only one not getting exp when joining other peoples games or someone joining mine. Hopefully it is something that can fixed sooner then later.
  9. The funny thing is I had him join my game and he got some gear that requires lvl 14 and was able to put it on. Then after leaving the game he went back to lvl 1 and still wearing it.
  10. When playing DDA on the Switch, I invited my son to join my game but find that none of his experience/levels are saved after the map is completed. It saves his gold and items but not level progression. It also shows that the maps are completed as well. Has anybody else ran into this issue? We have completed about 5 maps now and sucks seeing him not keep any of his experience and constantly starting over.
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