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  1. Thank you so much for this update! I'm absolutely loving it already! The Wild West theme and maps, bringing back the Festival I missed out on as "Westival" is both genius and so much appreciated! The new skin for the Gunwitch is absolutely amazing too, I really love it so much! (Almost said absolutely a 3rd time LOL!) Finally got the ideal skin for my favourite hero too! Really appreciating and enjoying some of the new additions and changes! Venomous Strikes I was hoping would get added and I'm hoping for "Electrifying/Shocking" or whatever shards in future! Also "Chilling" Shards and mor
  2. I would completely love this! It's what I've always wanted and hope for from the game! Was literally just thinking about this the other day too! I still dream that maybe one day the Countess will be added and also the Ranger too ofc to be fair. But especially the Countess and her amazing splash art they did for her too!
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