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  1. So I have to wait for merchants which seems like a basic mechanic? Ok I can move on. I've seen no secret rooms or at least they don't unlock like the previous one used to, I can move passed that too. Auto loot does not work. Loot is hard to differentiate from when the icon isn't working which is 95% of the time and if I miss something is it for sure sold. I can't upgrade to lvl 6 on my towers which is the one that costs 1220, no idea why. I thought maybe it was story related like previous ones but I've beaten the entire campaign on insane and still nothing. There are also some minor buttons li
  2. I just bought this game a couple of days ago for Xbox one X and it feels like half a game. I loved the original DD but not DD2 so much, so I got this hoping it would scratch the itch, only to find a shell of my former love. I can deal without the community because I love playing solo anyway, but I can't connect to anyone's games, there are no venders at all, and the tavern is just an empty building with a big rock in it and 2 NPCs that do absolutely nothing but talk. I understand covid has slowed things down, but are there any fixes coming? I would like a definite answer because as of now
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