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  1. The flying lightening bugs. On onslaught 32 and no tower damages these? How do you kill them?
  2. Ok thx, probably go with the lava dude. Hey, is there a best chaos level to find certain high level servos or is it all just complete randomness?
  3. Pushing through c6 right now. Have the dryad and ev2. Which hero should I buy next, one with most useful towers pushing into c7.
  4. Got a couple questions. Working my way though chaos 2 and it's almost impossible to find a group on ps4. Is it always like this and how do you progress. 0 groups and not strong enough to solo II. I can solo chaos 1 but don't get any upgrades. Secondly, being flooded with new gear constantly. Do you redo shards and upgrade every new item every time? Groups in expedition are rare and groups in onslaught are non existing. Looked at some guides and most are based around getting a group..any tips would be appreciated
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