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  1. This doesn't seem to apply to auto-collect for the chest ones? Gilding shards seems to be an interesting one, was there a reason as to why we can't just can't do 1 by 1?
  2. Curious to as which features are already in game? I know the mod quality sort thing will highlight the level of the mod but the sort function sorts on power level I believe.
  3. Also on that note, there should also be a way to block or blacklist people. There's one person on EU who just joins lobbies with his ready up and drop mana script and starts the count down timer.
  4. Old player return from the nightmare days, took a break through protean and came back like 3 weeks ago. Really enjoying my time and pushing for onslaught floors. However I think the game could use some quality of life features. While I know DD2 has stopped active development I think some QOL features could assist in retaining players. - Gilded shards: A way to slowly upgrade a gilded shard instead of doing all 10 at once. Inventory management becomes way too much. - Hero deck: This might be a big change but the limitation to 4 hero hotkeys is way too small with the vast amoun
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