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  1. Harpy and World Tree are the only Dryad buildings that are not classified as traps. My slimes are ALWAYS disabled by cyborks, as are my hornets and nimbi...nimbuses? Sure, slapping Deadly Strikes on a slime pit and placing it somewhere that the cyborks are unlikely to target it is an option, but then you vastly decrease the effective DPS of the trap by reducing the frequency of slime spawn due to travel time and the 3 slimes per pit at a time cap.
  2. Did you even READ his post before spewing up this irrelevant trash? I'm guessing NO.
  3. Voldine

    New Hero!

    I'd prefer a new version of the Countess before any more truly new heroes arrive, but that's just me wanting to be able to use Squire walls without having to play as a male.
  4. Not present in the patch notes is that the bug enabling a Dryad to go Corrupt and then switch to a different hero resulting in a permanent third hornet has been fixed. Hopefully the fact that orbs have been removed will mean that medallions will be a bit easier to come by to make up for the difference in dependable power.
  5. There are plenty of reskinned and slightly adjusted maps from the original game reused in DD2. Glitterhelm shows up as a frequent map in the chaos rotations, just with a different name.
  6. If that were true then the stuff I got in higher tiers wouldn't show ANY improvement over the trash that drops in C1 for me, would it?
  7. Try to DISCOURAGE leechers? The only way I can progress is BY leeching! My team is decked out in the best stuff I can find by leeching off other people in Chaos 2 and 3, all of it FAR better than anything I can earn by myself in Chaos 1, but I can't solo ANYTHING in Chaos 2 with my gear! Let me repeat that for emphasis: Chaos 1, which I can build and solo effortlessly, gives me no gear progress, but the gear I get in Chaos 1 IS NOT SUFFICIENT TO COMPLETE A SINGLE WAVE IN CHAOS 2! This problem is exacerbated by the fact that marks and ORBS drop about ten times more frequently than totems, while I need totems to boost my barricades so I can try to survive longer! The gear progress scheme needs to be made clear, with IN-GAME INFORMATION telling people what the maximum stats are on gear dropped per trial increment. Furthermore, that aforementioned maximum from the previous trial increment MUST BE SUFFICIENT TO COMPLETE AT LEAST ONE WAVE OF THE NEXT DIFFICULTY SO GEAR FROM THE NEXT TRIAL INCREMENT CAN BEGIN DROPPING! I'm A-96 and I can't complete anything beyond C1 because the loot system is obscenely obtuse.
  8. Well, I did say "If NOTHING else..." The implication being, of course, that that would be the least preferable way to do it. Bringing them in as separate characters with unique kits would be awesome since that would mean they'd be more than just reflections. Countess: Rapiers instead of broadswords. Adept: Wands instead of staves. Initiate: Spiked chains instead of polearms. Ranger: Bring back the guns! Similar combat mechanics, but with ways to differentiate them. Maybe wands have a faster firing rate but can't charge. Spiked chains are melee, but able to extend to double the normal melee range. Rapiers attack at a faster rate, but do slightly less damage per hit and have a different combo animation. Guns do more damage than bows, but don't have infinite ammo and need to be reloaded. The key would be balancing them so that no class is inherently better or worse than another. I loved my Countess in DD1, and I have issues with playing male characters if there is a female option available.
  9. The question, though, is what should be done about those? Should they still spawn, or should they be gotten rid of? The fact that they're useless is already well known. (side fact: it takes 470 upgrades per piece to max resists for 3 resistance set) Again, it should be bound to the difficulty of the map. On Nightmare, nothing above godly should drop with less than 150 upgrades. Even that is really low, but tolerably so if the stats on it are fantastic for builders.
  10. I think a few changes should be made to the way the system works in general. For starters, minimum quality prefixes should be tied to the difficulty level with the map chosen influencing only the drop rate and stat bonuses. Easy gives minimum prefix of cursed, maximum of amazing. Normal gives torn, because normal is the baseline and cursed/torn are the first tier of equipable items. Maximum drop quality would be Epic. Hard has a minimum drop quality of shining and a max of legendary. Insane drops amazing through mythical, but mythical only drops as clear rewards from high-end content like Uber Monsterfest or wave 30+ on Survival. Nightmare should NEVER drop anything lower than godly on any map, because anything less than godly in Nightmare is literally vendor trash that isn't even worth looking at. Late-game maps like Tavern Defense shouldn't even drop Godly after the first pet reward. I was a lucky player to get a bunch of that glitchy high-stat gear from the first week of Insane Uber Monsterfest. Most of those pieces have been replaced over time. As far as upgrades go, nothing that drops with less than 100 upgrades on armor is even worth looking at if you're trying to gear up for Nightmare, nothing with less than all four resists present and somewhat positive is worth considering for a non-builder. Maybe my opinions are a bit outdated from not having played much in the last two years, but with the news of fresh updates in the pipeline for this amazing older game my enthusiasm has returned.
  11. I would like to see the alternate genders return as well. If nothing else, at least as a skin we could buy.
  12. I think this falls under the same lines of a topic that I had made a while ago on the tech support forums about "Flying Spiders" on summit, Endless spires, and a few other maps. Basically spiders web down from the sky..... nothing above them to web down from whatsoever but they do it anyways. High-flying superwyverns acting as dropships. They learned their lesson after trying to assault the Ramparts and stay out of range now. :demon:
  13. Well, yes, I would say those items are legit. However, I have seen someone with WORN quality items, as in Deeper Well Hard (maybe) drops with +360 in everything. There is no way that **** was legit.
  14. Pretty blatant A WORN staff with all +360 boosts? The hell is this guy smoking? Edit: Forgot this. Hacker's Steam page
  15. Incorrect. I have attacked ogres from the back left side in Nightmare while they were distracted by Spike blockades and apprentice towers firing at them without taking damage until they performed a sideways swipe. The club itself never hit me, but it came close and I took damage, hence the conclusion that the entire bounding box is set as a damage zone for the club.
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