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  1. I really didn't like the fact that you had to hop on the weird air fan thingy to get on the ship and hit the crystal on the ship then get off. Although this is possible, but it's way too hard to do it on nmhc. If you hit crystal which only takes damage for short period of time, alarm will ring and if you don't get off the ship in time, you will immediately die. If you died in hardcore, well congrats! There's no other way the ship will get damaged. To get off the ship, you need to hop back on the air fan thingy again. It's almost impossible with characters that doesn't have jetpack feature. Which only leads to few option for fighting this boss A: Use EV 1.5(1.75), Jetpacking bounty hunter, Outlander costume (Can only hover for 5 seconds which makes it very tricky) and maybe summoner. (But we all know summoner can't directly attack and survive for a long period) B: Use hacks! C: Just don't play... I feel this should be fixed. The air fan thingy should be easier. Thank you
  2. Oop forgot the costumes! Squire: Farmer Huntress: Crow onesies thing Monk: Pig onesies thing like (rudolph costumes) Apprentice: Scarecrow
  3. I feel like it should be cow bell thing for bracers and farmer hat for brooch. Mask should be Cow face! Weapons: Squire: Sickle to cut grass. Huntress: Um I think chicken launchers are good enough Monk: Scarecrow that shoots crows and crows peck enemies for few seconds (Kind of like mischief maker) Apprentice: Something similar to honey staff would be nice!
  4. P.S. I am new to the forums! It seems still active and cool!
  5. I am just wondering if you could somehow export local hero files to different computer? I have a rainmaker and a lot of good heros, and I don't want to start over too! Thanks for your time fellow defenders! ^^
  6. Sky Captain is fine to me even though it's Not Even A Fox. Bounty Hunter, Desert Princess, Super Legendary Knight, Ninja and Tuxedo costumes are my favorite.
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