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  1. I recently started to work my way through the nightmare campaign, but am baffled by the DPS numbers on some of my characters. For example, my Monk has a Legendary weapon, that when viewing shows 20.48k ranged DPS. However, when I look at my Monk's hero stats, it shows a ranged DPS of 351?? How are these numbers related? Also, I've noticed inconsistencies between weapons. I have an Epic and Legendary staff for my Apprentice...the Legendary shows 1776 ranged DPS, but in the Nightmare tavern, hits for 5500 DPS on the dummy. My Epic staff shows 1826DPS when viewing the weapon, but hits
  2. After reviewing the patch notes this morning, am very excited to get back into the game with some of the fixes you guys have put in place. Thanks for turning this around so quickly. We have been experiencing another major issue however, which is a weapon problem. My buddy (client) using EV-A upgraded his weapon in the Tavern, but after loading into a map, his weapon was "reset" to the default weapon and his upgraded weapon was nowhere to be found. After finishing the map and returning to the Tavern, his weapon (upgraded) was back and he was able to equip. Starting another map caused t
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