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  1. That makes much more sense. Thank you.
  2. Sirens provide fusion immunity? since when?
  3. The thrown projectiles blowing up is an annoying one as well. They de-spawn after a certain distance, but if they hit a reflect right around that time, instead of either de-spawning or bouncing, they explode. Some of my builds have reflects is seemingly weird places to try to avoid it. For the crystal blowing up, what I've seen a few times is ranged, mostly wizzards or whatever they are, will shoot over a wall at it. But I've also had one blow up with nothing but a warrior near it, and they aren't supposed to be able to attack it.
  4. Over the past few days I've had issues with the crystal seemingly randomly blowing up. After it happened twice this morning I started recording my gameplay to see if I could see what was going on. It looks like occasionally orcs aren't being effected by at least aura's. I have rifted ensnares and electric auras, and this particular orc the last time was fire immune anyways. It wasn't slowed down and didn't take any damage until I hit it.
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