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  1. I'm looking for people too. I forgot my gamespy ID but I'll post it as soon as i have a chance. I find that 3/4 of the games out there kick you off their server as soon as you join so most of the time I just host my own games. I have a lvl 63 apprentice, 31 huntress, and 27 squire that I'm looking to level up.
  2. Yeah it's possible. I have a 25k average moa's intuition that had 22 slots (fully upgraded; all upgrades into weapon dmg). I'm not all the way through the game yet either and haven't done any of the challenges so I assume that there are significantly better items to be had. Some of the levels are tricky (I had troubles with alchemical laboratory and servant's quarters just seemed annoying) and you can just get by them on easy to get to the higher levels for better drops.
  3. It's kind of a chore but you can farm successfully on android. not sure how similar iOS version is though. I found that deeper well didn't work so well for me, but I can do pretty well on magus quarters, hard difficulty, survival mode. Playing through level 10 will get you a few hundred thousand mana so you can get the pets in (relatively) short order. Or you can spend a few bucks; I will admit that I've been tempted at times to do that.
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