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  1. I got over 600 hours of game-play and a Day one buyer, and today I wasn't about to go online thanks to something thinking modding isn't allowed in Open. If Trendy needs prove, they can look at my past game files and see all I played was open for the whole time. If anyone got any ideas in what to do next, please replay and thank you.
  2. Just found out, that my VACs says I'm banned from DD, over 600 hours of playtime and a Day 1 buyer, and I never played TrendyNet, and only used mods on open for nightmare challenges only. Please help what to do next?
  3. I started up DD today with no problems, but noticed that the button to pick Trendynet or Open (I play open) and now it is not letting me select them. I restarted the computer, and did a defrag of files too, Thanks for the help.
  4. Yep, you can get the chicken anytime you want. Also the Chicken is a great damage/stat pet but other myth pets blow the chicken out of the water.
  5. 500% agreed bro, I only ever play huntress and i have a legit 290^ wp with 8mill DPS and spiders are a piece of cake. I never get webbed because I one shot everything and if you get webbed you deserve to die. Infact if you play a tower character you deserve to get webbed, instantly rewebbed and killed over and over. EASY was designed for those noobs who dont like getting perma webbed so suck it up guys. Theres nothing wrong with them. Infact they need to be buffed. they're too easy. Web should last 15 seconds and not let you fire a weapon because its your own fault if you get webbed so stop
  6. Let me guess you sell in-game items for real money that is why you don't want spiders tweaked. Nope, I really don't care about shops, I just play the game.
  7. I play this game a lot since it first came out, and I find how the spiders make you rethink on what you set up your towers and other defenses, they are perfect the way they are, so you arn't doing the same plan over and over again (If you are forced to change something, then don't give them element residents so people can use what towers they want on them.)
  8. now i feel very silly, thanks for point the patch notes out for me.
  9. oops i was playing open with mod items, but that was a reward item from the warping cores on nightmare.
  10. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596957419720598997/DA1AA53542739D7FB002F9D6EFC79E7B063717C9/ WTF i cant use this item, Max lvl is 74, I got this weird item from doing a warp-core parts on nightmare (aka look at item lvl, it is not modded)
  11. Hey does this do anything to my characters and items in item bank at all, or this this just a shop thing only?
  12. What should be added would be when you host a match you can select only certain lvls to join. (For example I hate it when I host a Uber Monster fest on Insane that lvls 10-25 join even though they are going to die easily.)
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