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  1. I like Rift mode but i disagree so hard on the balance off the game mode, like reducing set bonus to 30% based on tower dmg not considering how it would affect tower boosters, dps, tanks in the endgame... Seems to me the devs have to stop balancing stuff after the admin menu they have on their test version off the game, and actually use player stats from the top 1% off players instead off using loot that we never get to balance the game... the current balance off the game is having loot that is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% to get
  2. But the options for tower's are Retard aim that shoots where the enemie is and use longer timer than necessary to kill it and as a result you get overwhelmed. Dst's have a very bad targeting but their time to kill is instant after they shoot, watching a flame burst tower or harpoon shooting down a lane wasting 10 projectiles if the enemie is moving around the corner is just sad :( Maybe if they gave projectile's the ability to predict enemie movement so they actually hit in time. and as a experimental buff they could try increasing projectile speed with def. rate so they actually would be viable outside off insane/nightmare difficulty
  3. Rift mode is cool and all but this 1 enemie, Rifted Djinn they have this amazing ability called: onyx buff and i find it amazing that some off the rifted units get the potential to 1 shot the core when this onyx buff is applied to them :D the best part is watching your tower's shot a spider which can not dmg the crystall in anyway over an enemie with an onyx buff :D The onyx buffed enemie must hit the core before the tower's realise he is there which is amazing... Best part is that this unit is immune to CC which forces us to place a wall just for 1 unit where we can spawn kill ogre's at the hardest difficulty in the game, 1 small unit with a dynamite tied to his back can make it all the way to the core and blow it up because dst's where busy shooting spiders or something else far away...
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