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  1. DEFENDERS, Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Preorder for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One has started!! You can head over to the Microsoft Store to order it now: http://bit.ly/XboxPreorder If you’re not yet following us on Twitter or Facebook, today may be a perfect time to click that “Follow” button. Twitter and Facebook users have a chance to win a FREE copy of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Xbox by simply retweeting or sharing our preorder posts. Luckily for you, we have the links to those right here: DDA Xbox Preorder post on Twitter DDA Xbox Preorder post on Facebook While you’re here, watch our new gameplay trailer that was released today!! Social Defenders While March 17 can’t come soon enough, you can stay up-to-date on all things Dungeon Defenders in the meantime by following us on ALL of our social platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums For Etheria! Chromatic Games
  2. DEFENDERS, The time has come… We passed Microsoft’s Xbox Certification for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened!! With that, DD:A will officially be released and available to download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles on March 17, 2021. Pre-order for DD:A will be available on the Microsoft Store beginning March 3. Qualifying Kickstarter and Xsolla Backers who chose “Xbox” as the platform for their Game Key reward will receive their digital game key in their emails prior to the launch date. Players will receive a day one update available at download that will bring the Xbox version up to date with the current PC game. These launch-day features include 15 Campaign maps that can be played on 7 different difficulty levels, along with the addition of Rift and Hardcore Modes that will challenge even the toughest Etherian defenders. Xbox defenders can play alongside friends with up to 4-player online co-op. Also, we have a patch coming shortly after release that has even more quality of life and performance improvements that weren’t able to make it in our initial release! Check out the official Dungeon Defenders: Awakened trailer for Xbox: There are a few features that are still being worked on that will not be available at launch, but will be available in future updates: Cross-Platform Saves ⁠— We know this one is disappointing to not see at launch. While we’re working to have this available to all players as soon as possible, this feature requires an extra certification from Microsoft. This would have pushed our launch date back even further and we really didn’t want to do that. Various In-Game Backer Rewards — In-game rewards such as Item Names and Enemy Names will be ready and viewable after the first post-launch patch mentioned above! Split-Screen Co-op — This is another popular feature that players are anxiously awaiting and it will be available as soon as it runs smoothly! Adding split-screen is a difficult feature to incorporate because the UI needs to run cleanly and efficiently on multiple views. Right now we’re not satisfied with the way our split-screen UI functionality is performing, so we’ll continue to improve this feature until we’re confident it will work the way it’s supposed to for all players. Don’t fret, it’s on the way! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on all things DDA, make sure to follow us on all our social platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums We can’t wait to introduce Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to our console defenders! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
  3. After two weeks of awesome recreations of Dungeon Defender heroes, enemies, and all the things in between from our super talented community, we’ve made it to our final week of Fan Art February! Before we let you loose for Week 3, we want to recognize one of our ADORABLE community submissions from MissHelenGD: I didn’t know I needed a heart-filled Giraffe on a Treadmill pet, but now I don't want to defend without it!! Now onto our FINAL week of Fan Art February. Our last theme is Transmog Showcase Week! Show us your favorite Etherian-defending outfits and your baddest “walk-the-throne-room” look. As with last week, vote for your favorite submissions throughout the week and they may be featured on our own DD social pages. Just a friendly reminder - please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules :) Show us what’s been hiding in those hero decks!
  4. Hi Vicogmir, We definitely haven't forgotten about this! Split-screen co-op is still in the works. It won't be available for a while, though, because it's a difficult project and we want to be sure the addition of this feature won't hurt other aspects of the player experience.
  5. It's Week 2 of Fan Art February! Here is a non-Internet submission from last week that we HAD to share with you all: This awesome Siren drawing is from Defender Erica. (Peep the signature in the bottom right.) Thank you for sharing your talents with this community!! Now, onto Week 2! With Valentine’s Day still on our love-stricken minds, the second week’s theme is Love is in the Air. Let’s see those Cupid-struck heroes, bosses, and giraffes. As with last week, submit your works in the comments below and vote for your favorite submissions throughout the week and they (or you) may be featured on our own DD social pages. Just a friendly reminder - please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules :) Give us those hearts!! (And likes)
  6. If you don't get... you don't get it. (See: Friday Funday streams)
  7. DEFENDERS, We’re released a fresh patch today that includes some balance changes to the Squire’s defenses and hero stats (Hint: MORE HEALTH), and a return of the Siren’s death animations. You’ll also see added “fun” in Tornado Valley - just like you asked for! Let’s get to the entire list, then! Balance General Added Ogres to Tornado Valley for all difficulty levels. “Unbreakable” award is now based on the entire party, not just the individual. No defenses destroyed grant +25% XP per wave. Removed Rifted Warriors from the following difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Insane. Rifted Warriors will continue to show up in Nightmare and Massacre difficulties. Heroes Squire Hero Stats Increased base HP to 300 (from 280). Increased HP scaling from Vitality to 0.265 (from 0.26). Developer note: This value scales with higher difficulties that change health values as well. You’ll see bigger gains in Nightmare and Massacre difficulties. "Skill" attribute now reduces the cooldown of the Circular Slice ability. Slice N Dice Blockade Reduced Defense Unit cost to 6 (from 8). Reduced Mana Cost to 100 (from 140). Increased HP starting value to 700. Increased HP scaling from Fortify attribute. Bouncer Blockade Increased HP starting value to 725. Increased HP scaling from Fortify attribute. Decreased targeting range to ensure enemies are hit when attack is activated. Adjusted knockback angle. Bug Fixes Tavern Fixed an issue where the VIP Cake didn't allow interaction to trigger Gilded Tavern. Fixed an issue where pressing a Hero Swap binding (default is F1-F4) and inspecting a defense at the same time caused the inspect tooltip to stay on the screen. Fixed an issue where the employee portraits in the Tavern’s hidden room didn’t play sounds or show their text. Fixed an issue where employee portraits were able to be selected through walls. Fixed an issue where the “Save” button was not enabled when non-color sliders were changed in the Transmog Menu. Fixed an issue where the Reset Options action didn’t save unless other changes were made. Heroes and Defenses Fixed an issue where some defenses’ tooltips were showing incorrect DPS and Attack Rate values. Fixed an issue where defenses were capping their attack rates causing their DPS to be lower. Fixed an issue where the Monk’s Tower Boost could be interrupted. Fixed an issue where the Monk’s Healing Aura was not healing swapped-in heroes unless they left and reentered the aura. Fixed an issue where enemies were not retaining their slowed movement effect after leaving a Fused Ensnare Aura. Fixed an issue where a hero’s defense and ability icons were not properly updating when there were insufficient resources or a hero was at too low of a level. Fixed an issue where both of EV’s abilities were available at Level 0. Proton Charge is now available at Level 12. Fixed an issue on clients where attributes were displaying lower than they actually were while viewing in Inventory. Enemies Fixed an issue where Djinns would sometimes get stuck in the spawn area and need to be killed by the stuck enemy timer. Fixed issues with Sirens’ death animations were not activating correctly. Siren was playing casting animation at death instead of death animation. Gameplay Fixed an issue where defenses could be placed during Combat Mode in Pure Strategy. Fixed an issue where slain enemies did not drop mana in the Raining Goblins Challenge on Massacre difficulty. Fixed an issue where billboards weren’t functioning or displaying properly for clients. Fixed an issue where the ballistas on The Summit could be glitched to fire quickly. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on all things DDA, make sure to follow us on all our social platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Make sure to let us know all the fun you’re having with the newest changes in the comments! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
  8. Appreciate you. Will add it to list. FWIW I can answer part of that right now - You're not being pranked! Promise.
  9. Hello Defenders! I have a very serious question for the community. And, I would really appreciate your response. Here it is: If you could ask the developers one question about their role/work at Chromatic, what would it be?
  10. I (we) really appreciate you taking the time to write down this feedback! Lots of great ideas that the studio has been discussing. We're very fortunate to have such an engaged community that cares about DDA
  11. Hello Defenders! Today is the official first day of Fan Art February! Last week we introduced the campaign in this post. The time has come to show off your DD-related artwork. The theme for this week is: Spring Cleaning. We know there are plenty of budding and professional artists in our community and this is your chance to unload all of the DD-inspired art you’ve been keeping to yourself! For the next week, you can submit your artwork below and the community will vote on their favorites by liking the comments featuring community-created artworks. The submissions with the most votes by end-of-day Sunday will be featured on Chromatic’s social media pages next week. **To make sure everyone can safely enjoy and participate in the campaign, please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules Now, show us your stuff!! (Featured is Britt’s one-of-a-kind piece of “art” created specifically for you all. Names for this fabulous artwork are also welcome in the comments.)
  12. Hello Defenders! It’s [CG] Britt here to get you excited about a brand new campaign I’m running for the community throughout the month of February. I’m calling it… FAN ART FEBRUARY For the entire month of February, CG pages will be soliciting different forms of Dungeon Defenders art from you - our wonderful and dedicated community. To be frank, I’m not what you’d call the “artistic” type - I really enjoy appreciating and sharing others’ great works, though. So, show us your skills! We want this all to be about you, our GLORIOUS community! How will the campaign work? On Monday of each week we’ll post a different art-related prompt on here and on Twitter and Instagram. Community members will be able to share their art for that prompt under the forum post for the entire week. At the same time, you’ll all vote on your favorites. The works with the most forum votes by Sunday evening will be featured on our Twitter and Instagram pages. We’ll include your social handles if you want that recognition, as well. That’s it :) Now, for the art schedule: Week 1 (February 8-14) - Spring Cleaning. Here in Etheria there are no seasons, so every day can be Spring if we say so. Clean out your cloud and show us those DD pieces you’ve been keeping to yourself for too long. Week 2 (February 15-21) - Love is in the Air. Valentine’s Day usually only comes once a year in Etheria. Why not make 2021 special with a WEEK full of heart- and love-themed art? Week 3 (February 22-28) - Transmog Showcase Week! Let’s see your best “walk-the-throne-room” look. (We all deserve to feel great while defeating Mech.) What’s your first masterpiece going to feature?
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