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  1. DEFENDERS, We’ve shared a lot with you over the last few weeks about all of the exciting additions and revisions coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened with the release of the Epsiode 1 update. It’s been a blast showing off our two new heroes, the Warden and the Rogue, along with introducing new maps and our new inventory and stats system on our Twitch dev stream each week. For this week, we shared some more goodies that will add to Defenders’ experiences. Enemies in Rifted After our last update where we reduced the number of enemies across the board to boost game performance, the
  2. DEFENDERS, With all the news on gear upgrades from last week, it may feel like we can’t possibly give away any more Episode 1 news, but you’d be wrong. Here we come with even more reveals with a brand-new game mode and some spicy additions to current play. Developer Note: All of these things are subject to change by the release of Episode 1. “Tests” Boss Challenges Game Mode We’ve got a NEW GAME MODE! We’re calling this the “Tests” mode because it’s one defender being tested against one big baddy. The “big baddy” can be any of DDA’s infamous bosses, and you fight one-on-one
  3. All episodic content (Episode 1 and beyond) will be on all platforms!
  4. Based on that screenshot, it looks like the tower isn't touching the literal beam, which is how the buff works. It won't count if it's touching the beam holder - needs to be the beam. With that said, we've been in discussion about the placing mechanics, so it's something on our radar.
  5. DEFENDERS, On the May 14th stream we continued our string of reveals. Previously we’ve shown off the new Maps (The Mill, The Outpost, The Keep, and Foundries and Forges), the new heroes (The Warden and The Rogue), some new weapons (The Woodland Set), and even the new enemy (The Lycan). Those are just some of the things being added to the game, but now it’s time to get into some of the new features coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Let’s start with a big one — GEAR! GEAR UPGRADE Gear is getting a major face lift in Episode 1, and for a lot of reasons. We’ve been taking a heav
  6. Thanks for this info! We're looking into the issue.
  7. DEFENDERS, During our dev stream last Friday, we mentioned this week would bring the biggest news yet. We weren’t joking! We’ve finally made it to the reveal of the brand new, never-before-seen hero coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened in Episode One. A couple of weeks ago, we revealed the Warden, who happens to be the spiritual successor of the Dryad. Who will be joining her in Etheria? The second hero goes by… The Rogue! Now that you have a name (which some of you correctly guessed on our Twitter and Instagram posts), guess we need to tell you more about this new hero. Have we buil
  8. #MayThe4thBeWithYou, Defenders! We know the power of the dark side is a constant temptation. To help you continue choosing the light, we’re giving defenders a FREE downloadable far-far-away themed wallpaper! Our heroes want to send a galaxy-sized “Thank You” for all your support in keeping Etheria safe through the years. We’re feeling extra generous, so for a short time, all galactic-themed DD2 costumes (including the Very Far Away Bundle) are 50% OFF in the Emporium! The sale starts today and runs until May 5th at 8:00PM EST. The Emporium is the way… to great deals. On top
  9. Hey! Really sorry to hear you're experiencing this possible bug. Could we grab some more information from you to help pinpoint the issue? Thanks! What game mode are you playing on? Is this in single or multiplayer mode? If multiplayer, are you the host or did you join a session?
  10. Hey, we have not released DDA on Switch yet. We don't have a specific release date to share with the community yet, but we're making progress on that port.
  11. DEFENDERS, We have some exciting news! Xbox recently announced a big change to its online multiplayer system for Free-to-Play games. What does this mean for you? Good question. Now ALL defenders can team up to play DD2 online FOR FREE! An Xbox Live Gold subscription is no longer needed to join online multiplayer sessions. Time to cut the excuses and save Etheria together. For all the details on this, check out the article describing this change posted on Xbox Wire. Social Defenders To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders fran
  12. Can you please send a ticket to support@chromatic.games for this issue. We'll be able to involve some more people to see if we can figure this out.
  13. We don't have a definitive date or period we're comfortable announcing, but the goal is to have it out this year.
  14. What platform is this on? Solo or multiplayer? And if multiplayer, are you hosting or joining another's game?
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