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  1. DEFENDERS, As promised, we’re excited to show you all the latest additions and changes for Dungeon Defenders II in the Going Wild West Update! You’ll see some new maps, new challenges, new projectiles (have we mentioned GOATS?), NEW ENEMIES AND A NEW BOSS, and lots of other extra wild features. Let’s not keep you waiting any longer.... Read about all the changes Defenders will see in this update. New Maps - The Wild West Region If you watched our Friday Funday on July 16th you’d already know that we’ve introduced two new maps to the War Table - The Wildest West and Wild Westival!
  2. DEFENDERS, After reading through the community feedback from the weekend, we wanted to push out this mid-week PTR patch to fix some bugs and put in some new changes for you all to test. Keep the feedback coming! Act IV Balance Maps Massacre All Act IV Cores will now have 250k HP. The Mill Increased DU to 140 from 120. Relocated one Rift Portal to be further away from Core. Accessories NEW accessories will drop from chests on Insane, Nightmare, and Massacre on Act IV maps. All accessories have a chance to drop with Tower stat effects.
  3. Hey prostheus, There won't be any local multiplayer functionality at launch - you will need to join other online Switch friends for multiplayer. We're working on split-screen, but we need more time to clean up that feature before we add it to DDA. You should be able to play on Switch without internet connection. (If at launch something seems off with that, please let us know.) We're really excited to show off our hard work on Switch!! Thanks for all the support.
  4. Hey VAMET, The Episode 1 release will be August 4th for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC/Steam. Split-screen will not be available at the launch of Episode 1, and we don't have an estimated date for release of that feature yet. It will eventually added on all platforms for DDA.
  5. DEFENDERS, In this patch, we’re introducing the newest boss, the Lycan King!! This baddie comes with new weapon drops we’re very excited to show off. There are lots of changes (big and small) that we’re trying out with this patch - enjoy your time in Etheria! How to Join It’s not too late to join the PTR build! We’ve received awesome and helpful feedback from tons of our GLORIOUS Defenders, and we want to make sure your voice is heard. If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, head over to our forum post that breaks down how to enter the PTR build on Steam: Click here t
  6. We have not added cross-save functionality to any platform for DDA yet.
  7. DEFENDERS, The time has come… Dungeon Defenders: Awakened passed Nintendo’s Lot Check process and is ready for release on the Nintendo Switch! Thanks to all of the great feedback from our PTR testers, we’re now at a place where we feel ready to announce more details on the release of The Lycan’s Keep update (formerly known as Episode One) as well. The official release date for DDA on Nintendo Switch is August 4, 2021. But that’s not all... The highly anticipated free update “The Lycan’s Keep” will launch simultaneously on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on August 4th, too
  8. DEFENDERS, As has been the trend over the last few weeks, here we are with another PTR patch! You’ll see some minor changes and bug fixes as we keep cleaning up the episode using your super-duper feedback and reports. Keep them coming! (A friendly reminder that you can go back and edit your survey responses if you want to change anything based on patch revisions.) How to Join It’s not too late to join the PTR build! We’ve received awesome and helpful feedback from tons of our GLORIOUS Defenders, and we want to make sure your voice is heard. If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened
  9. My other response was for the PlayStation question I quoted... Not your reward question. As for your question, to make sure we're getting feedback as quickly as possible, we decided to keep the test realm to Steam/PC. We're able to push patches quickly and more frequently, which speeds up the timeline for getting the polished update out to all Defenders. We'll have other opportunities for console Defenders to earn unique community rewards in the future.
  10. DEFENDERS, We’re now on Week 3 of the PTR and we’re just as excited to share more changes and revisions as we were at the launch of this new adventure! This week’s patch brings a whole bunch of balance changes to a whole bunch of areas. (Anyone know how to actually measure a “whole bunch”?) We keep saying it, but it needs to keep being said that we’re so appreciative of the feedback we’ve received so far. We literally could not do this without all of GLORIOUS Defenders. One more thing! Don’t forget that as the PTR changes come in, you can update your survey responses, but only if you want
  11. Unfortunately, we don't have an update for PlayStation development at this time. We're working on polishing Episode 1 during this testing stage and getting the Switch port through Lot Check right now. Once those two big projects are out to Defenders, we'll be able to spend more time on the PS4 and PS5 development.
  12. The Switch port is going through the Lot Check process and as soon as we have confirmation on release date information, we'll be able to share that with the community. Besides that, there isn't anything else to share until those things are worked out because it's just a matter of going back and forth with Nintendo.
  13. DEFENDERS, First, we want to send a big THANK YOU to those of you who have taken the time to try out our Episode 1 test build. It’s been exciting for all of us to finally share our hard work and talk about the changes with our community! With that, we have another PTR patch ready to go for you, as we continue to rebalance, add new things, and fix bugs based on your helpful feedback. How to Join If you haven’t joined our PTR yet, you still can! Click here to find out how. Rewards We updated the survey and would greatly appreciate it if you could fill it out. We’ll be upda
  14. DEFENDERS, We’ve got some PTR changes in after receiving a lot of feedback and getting a ton of help from the brave adventurers who have jumped into the PTR. Keep the feedback coming, and as we continue to polish Episode 1, we’ll be sure to include as much as we can. We appreciate all your help in making Episode 1 the greatest it can be! Heroes Squire Added MVP Piercing Projectile VFX. Updated Piercing Projectile to have a larger hitbox and no collision with the world. Rogue Added SFX to bow firing on Rogue. Updated audio on Rogue abilities. Enemies
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