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  1. Maybe one day I'll get to that dev room ;) Thank you for being so awesome and welcoming me into the community
  2. Appreciate you tons. I'm going to miss this community so much!
  3. DEFENDERS, It’s Brittani, following up with some news we announced on the stream today. It’s true - today was my last stream and next week will be my last week at CG. But don’t worry! I’m not leaving you all empty handed. A new CM will be here before you know it (he’s already part of the team, we’re just training him up currently )... Thank you for welcoming me into the community, getting to know me, and making sure to always hit me with the tough questions Some of you know me as “Doc” because of my background as a college professor. I’ve decided to go back into the classroom after
  4. I'll let someone know about this! But our official website is actually https://chromatic.games/
  5. Thanks for the info. I know we're still working on the -1 HP issue because it's been a difficult bug to repro and locate the main issue. For the build issue, that's something we're aware of and the workaround you mentioned is what we're telling players to do until we can get that fix in.
  6. Which generation of Xbox are you each playing on?
  7. Was the fix from a CG dev? Your attack rate numbers are showing up fine now for ranged weapons?
  8. If you weren't actually cheating, you should be able to play normally now. We reset all of the hacker flags on August 18th and only those players who had hacked stats would be automatically flagged again.
  9. When we reproduced it, swapping heroes could "reset" it. Clients should be able to build after that. We're working on the bug right now, but you should be able to use that workaround until we can patch it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
  10. What happens when you try to swap heroes or do anything else when loaded in? Any chance it allows you to build after certain actions?
  11. This is happening on Switch to you, as well? Or another platform?
  12. What maps was this happening on for each of you? Have you been able to build after joining a friend for any sessions? Are you joining friends or joining public games?
  13. Hey, is this still happening after the patch from last week?
  14. Hey! We love this. Thank you for your continued support! Nintendo has told us the DLC will be available on Switch starting September 8 :)
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