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  1. Right! Thank you, I will do that. And sorry for bringing up something already known.
  2. Hey there, I just got started playing this game and I do love how it is very much like the original. However, one of the issues I have so far, i how I cannot get my entire inventory to show. Which would be okay if I could at least find a way to navigate it so I can see other parts of the inventory. I am not finding this so I am stuck with items off-screen that i cannot really interact with easily (and I do not know how much else is off screen, maybe there's more than just the row I barely see) Is this as it should be and if so, how do I work it? I'm sure this has been asked before, but I didn't find any results when searching for it. Sorry. Thank you in advance for any help.
  3. Right sorry, It's working great. Unplugging my gamepad completely solved it. Kinda sad not being able to splitscreen for more than a campaign level though :) Survival/PS in Splitscreen is completely out of question.
  4. Let me guess, you're talking about campaign mode? Try survivals with these stats. You'll be surprized what 5K mobs can do to your auras, what five 8M ogres can do to your blocks even under your strength drain and how fast your aura will disappear when there's 30 mobs inside it — and that's a usual thing for survivals, constant presence of 30+ mobs in your slow/str drain combo. Well, I havn't tried all maps in MM survival yet, but a few. And the big maps can sometimes get stressful, but that's easily fixed by just playing with a friend. Or gamepad chars placed all over the map just for repairing.(It's quite hard in the begining multitasking like that, but works great when you get used to it) Again, glitteringhelm is probably the worst on that part. But maps like Alchemy labs, Hall of court, Castle Armoryt and Ramparts is quite simple when it comes to keeping auras up. You just gotta spend all your free time doing just that, don't bother dpsing cause it's not worth it in my experience.
  5. hello, I was upgrading my next staff from negative charge bonus stat and I wanted to boost it up to +90, but after upgrading to 0 that stat just disappeared and I can't upgrade it anymore. Is it a bug or is it something I should be aware of for future? Anyway its pretty bad spending 35M for gun with that outcome :-( Well, if you close down the item window (of the specific item) while its on 0 it will dissapear. Just something you'll have to be aware off, always get it to to a positive number before stopping the upgrading session.
  6. I don't understand this thread at all, I use auras on every map I play. And I don't even have 500 tower health, I got around 400-500 health/rate/range and 950~ strength. I don't see any problem keeping them alive at all, assuming you don't go afk. Or perhaps try and solo NM glitter or something. Even then I doubt auras getting killed would be your main problem.
  7. Use 2 walls instead of 1 as sometimes they jump it on the inside and go for the crystal. Some people call it a bug but others call it a feature build a good wall or poof. There are ways to prevent them from getting in. Same goes for the ogre's who sometimes do the same, simply experiment with your defense until you figure it out :)
  8. Hey guys, I suggest trying what's suggested in this thread. As far I can tell, that solved it for me. I'll keep on playing to be sure though .) http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?36697-CPU-usage-problems-not-fixed
  9. Please keep playing and let me know in like 2 days either here or PM if this gamepad solution still works for you. Thanks! Will do, but I can almost gurantee you that that was the reason its working now. Can't think of a single thing I've done with the computer during that one hour of dota that might have changed the performance in dungeon defenders. Done a lot of survivals during the last months, never gotten further than wave 11 without MASSIVE lags, surprisingly I've managed to finish them anyway, not in nightmare though. Soon at wave 20 nm mm survival and no lag at all :) I've simply unplugged my gamepads completely, havn't tried removing them while in a game. And again, I will contact you again to confirm it.
  10. Its steam. Never ever buy things on the day of release unless its a must have, you must have it on day one or else. Look at pretty much every title that's come out in the past 3 months, all of them have been on sale from 25-75% off (25% mw3/skyrim/sr3, 50% everyone else, 75% indies/valve). Unless its going to be the best game ever that you must have day one you can either get the game cheaper on amazon or steam itself sooner then later. Well, this pretty much sums up how most of the people I know do it. I'm actually too stupid to wait for discounts, I want it right away! :) And also, atleast OP did buy Dungeon Defenders, amazing and underpriced game in my opinion.
  11. This did solve it for me, been playing for over an hour now. And performance is just as good as when I launched the game. Hopefully they'll somehow fix this though, cause I play a lot of splitscreen.
  12. Sounds really really familiar. Only I managed to fix it on my own. By temporarily disconnecting my gamepad for 1min during each build phase. Then I got a new gamepad and everything runs fine without needing to disconnect the gamepad. Interesting! Playing some dota 2 right now, but I'll try this fix right after. I hope its something simple as that. I'll be back after I've tried it out :)
  13. Tys I dunno about performance decrease over time? I have had a game running for over 30 hours and its still smooth... There is quite a few people in the technical support forum that has problem with it. I'm one of them, Started some patches ago. It rapes one of my cores, which rapes my computer. After shutting down the game for about a 25-60 seconds it's all smooth again.
  14. Do you know what also helps with mistakes? Resistances and an Imp pet. So, in the end we do agree. Invisibility is useful. As it does help against misstakes (as you implied in the quote above). Great, then I'm done in that subject. @Topic I do believe this nerf was needed, looking at past content atleast. I havn't done all the nightmare content or latest dlc maps enough times on each of the classes to form an opinion about it yet. But for the older content we had way too high damage output compared to other classes. Even if the dummies didn't show it :P
  15. Have YOU ever done UMF solo? If you have, you'd realize Enemies DO NOT STACK. Model collision will eventually occur, and you will have to change positions so you can line up your Disk Launcher/PS shots to efficiently DPS. And about repairing/uprading. Read my post above how it only really matters on the first few waves when your set-up is still only level 1. You should be using an imp pet for repairs anyway. Well, guess there's a lot of ways to do it. Obviously you can't stand entirely still, but the majority of the time i do that. Once in awhile I move about a yard to the side and then stand still again(Not going to share my tactics, but always when there's a new map I suggest studying it to find the best places to stand. And yes, I have done F and I'm doing it plenty of times everyday. So, Invis is useless cause you can easily replace a proper pet with an imp to be able to skip using invis? I'd suggest trying it the other way around, an apprentice guardian brings a lot more damage than the little damage you lose by upgrading a trap once during each wave. It also brings more survival, both the healing and the strength aura is buffed by the pet. That means I can skip a lot of resistance, I havn't put a single point into resistances on my huntress. Just cause there's ways to let you skip using a skill, doesn't mean its useless. There's also more uses of invis, If you end up making misstakes while playing invis is one way to help you through it. Yesterday I actually fell asleep while on wave 14, I ended up replacing my weapon with one from the floor somehow and I died. If it wasn't for invis I'd never make it back to the spot. There was simply too much all over the map. Invis has also saved me when I've forgot to repair the strength aura at some point, instead of getting killed I simply used invis to finish off the ogres instead of almost being one shot.
  16. I think you guys are way off when it comes to invis, It's extremely useful when soloing. There's no way to repair/upgrade midfight. You can obviously run around and hope that they don't reach you in time, but that do waste a lot of time and makes things a lot harder than it has to be. And to those who think there's something wrong in standing still as a hunter, have you ever finished insane umf? I've tried out a lot of different tactics that involves proper kiting, but havn't found a single one that works well enough. Standing still tanking all the ogres is by far the best way I've found so far.
  17. I haven't tried it yet. I can get to wave 20 on Alch labs survival, so probably. What layout should I use? Should I do the regular glitter or survival? If you get me your steam name, I'll show you my build and take you with me for a run or two.
  18. i posted in public because they check here everyday, and if by trouble you mean getting ppl to rage because i told on them then im fine with that. im sick of huntress/hunter STILL dominating and my dps monk getting pushed in the dirt. Well, not sure but I assume he means that posting it in public makes others aware of the exploit and possibly more people exploiting it before it can be fixed. But this is just a bug, which could be exploited I suppose. If only there was decent flamethrowers in this game! :D (maybe there are now :O )
  19. they kinda was.. they have hidden the full pack. full pack should show to. whould make them more money. instead of all that only got part 1 now.. Well, Maybe enough of those players will end up buying the part 2, 3 and 4 seperately and they end up making up the loss, or even gaining profit. (Not suggesting they planned it) And I'm sorry for you people who made that misstake, I've done it with other games and it does suck indeed.
  20. I think there's some dlc missing. Wasn't there going to be 4? Only 2 on steam (and part of the package)
  21. Can you imagine having to put in 200-300 hours just to access a map on Starcraft2... or even something like the browser-based "Gem-Craft" tower defense games? Isn't that one of the appealing attributes of the game? Even though your example is really out of line.
  22. You sounds like a hacker trying to defend themselves. I made this for game developers, not trolls. Players cant do anything with it anyway, so stop wasting your time arguing with your 13k dmg monk weapon when no one give a ****. I'm not trolling you, your post is flawed, and that's all I'm saying. If you can't handle other people questioning your statements, then don't post them in a public forum. All douches are douches. Now that's a statement you can't find a flaw in. Edit: Just read your post again, and you even asked for my opinion. Your such a hypocrite.
  23. learn 2 read. it is a week of calculation with 10% of error. There are weapons with over 10k dmg, but over 90% of the time there arent. Actually, that just makes my point. Your feeding people information that ends up in them believing legit weapons are actually hacked while they're not. You want people to assume that there's a 90% chance that I'm using hacked items according to your so called research. How did you actually do this research? cause as a lot of people have mentioned, its incredibly flawed. If your serious about doing this, then you really should give it more time before posting the results. Cause these just can't be right.
  24. There shouldnt be weapons have over 10k of dmg. [/SIZE] Actually, I got a legit monk weapon with 13k damage. Looted and upgraded by me. I understand your intentions are good, but posting such a post without enough knowledge about the game only makes things worse. If you spread false information people will start assuming legit things are actually hacked while they're not. I assume that isn't the intention, but its a result unless you come up with more accurate information.
  25. im having this problem too. need to mention i use ati. this is likely important. what does everyone else use? i have noticed that it seems to be prompted by the gems disapppearing due to over population. those cleared gems seem to get stuck on the stack and not cleared. so if im playing normal maps where we can loot every gem no problems. but when i play on maps with huge spawns and lots of crystals that go unclaimed due to the looting floating bs, then i end up with the slow downs. Nvidia here, but I can't say that I've actually noticed any problem with the game itself. Its just a lot of lag, but gameplay seems to be matching the one before the lag.
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