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  1. Most likely not. Sad to hear, hope they don't go the way of most f2p games, where you purchase every little part of the game, which would equal $100's of dollars.
  2. Will there be a purchasable version of this game? Would be better in my opinion and will to pay $60+
  3. @Dathvader192 thanks for the suggestions, the flying rocks sounds cool (something like avatar xD) @DannyMeister thanks man!, is cool to see more UT mappers around here :) Ye I was thinking about Avatar too.
  4. Looks really awesome! Good job on creating such an awesome thing. :barbarian:
  5. After a played on this for a while.. I started thinking it was rushed. Atleast you should have had magical flying ponies, with a background looking like real sky.
  6. Just spend $4 dollars. Your saying it's not much. So? Just pay $4 dollars. Proving a point guy Dathvader192 :barbarian:
  7. The scattered microscopic shards! The funny Dathvader192 :barbarian:
  8. No but it happens on 80% of the gear I loot! I just think something is up, and if I put it in my AFK shop.. I think Trendy will whack me... WITH A BAN HAMMER!!!!!!!!!! Just have to correct you here, Random not Randome. The afraid of ban hammers guy Dathvader192 :barbarian:
  9. If you just "sat" there why didn't you do something while waiting? Eg: Watch a movie, bake a cake, eat the cake you baked earlier. You get the point, don't you? Also if you needed to repair/upgrade do a check up every 5/10mins. Problem solved!
  10. Earlier I was farming Mythics online (Open Mode) and the Mythic's I was receiving had stat's like this: Mythical Luck Mail: 114Speed, 114Attac, 114Health And more. Why is this happening? The Magical Dathvader192 :barbarian:
  11. My Suggestions: Add a watery floor like from the summit. That would make it more cool. Also Flying rocks with vines coming down from the skys would look epic!
  12. I don't wanna be active the whole time. I just want it to be like they can join, take and leave when I'm browsing the forums. (Even if they take everything)
  13. Just like to know, are you still working on this? Hope you still are! Also I reckon the boss should drop some kind of reward. Spent like 20mins spazzing him with summoner and friend was barbarian. We got nothing.... Kinda disappointing. I guess it's a work in progress. Also 7 Players would be nice. Don't want to spend over 30min on this one raid. Possibly of many too come?
  14. Would selling free Myths on AFK shop get me banned? (On Open Mode) I seem to think that it would raise suspicions. I also don't understand that helping noobs is a bad thing.
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