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  1. make we could get an adjustable refresh timer for dummy's ? with some fixed timers like, 2, 5 or 10 sec, or maby even be able to put our own wished refresh time in. Hmm, like a slider in options menu. This would be perfect.
  2. This works but there's no way to tell how fast weapons fire / hit / swing without trendy giving us the numbers. Same for pets. Especially so for melee :) Even with numbers, for example apprentice basic tower. If you have 0.33 rate of fire and 100 dmg, you get 150 DPS, when if you calculate it you'd get 300 DPS. The difference is too much just to be bad calculation, this means that there's tower cast time also that's not stated anywhere. Like tower casts for 0.12 sec, then you have 0.33 sec delay (this is the rate of fire number). So you can see the DPS only on dummies, cuz you can't calcula
  3. Trendy, bring 5 sec back, please. And while you're at it, put a couple of extra-dummys next to the one where you spawn, so we can test mass-enemy-dps, too :) Well extra dummies seems unnecessary. If you deal x DPS, you deal x piercing/AOE DPS. But the interval needs to be increased. There's literally no downside to higher interval. I'd actually want a 20-30 sec interval. So you could test traps with low reset times, slow firing towers and such. And also having very accurate melee DPS for squire/countess, unlike it is now. PS. Even better if possible, make one dummy with 5 sec interval,
  4. Thing is, you can't calculate apprentice tower DPS for example. With rate of fire 0.33, your DPS should be 3x the damage, but it actually is like 1.5x the damage. And I know it's completely incorrect, because it shows same DPS with 0.4 or 0.33 rate of fire. If your squire tries to measure DPS of weapons, the time it takes to make full rotation of hits is more than 2 sec. So you get like 3-4 different DPS numbers depending on what hits from your combo land in this interval, last hits from the combo dealing more dmg. So if in the beginning of the 2 sec interval you land your first 3 hits, yo
  5. Why do practice dummies show my DPS over 2 seconds, when in 7.06 patch it clearly states that it should be changed to show DPS over 5 seconds? Was this reverted, or it's a problem on my end, or a fail patch? When it counts average DPS over 2 seconds it's near useless to compare DPS of a lot of things because it's completely inaccurate. EDIT: Adding a slider in options menu or something similar to adjust the DPS interval would be the best solution. Everyone could set it to their own preference.
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