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  1. FYI - after much troubleshooting, turns out the culprit was ASUS GameFirst VI, trying to "optimize" my network. After disabling, I have not experienced any issues and played multiple online games.
  2. And no weird symbols in any of my hero names either, just letters
  3. I uninstalled steam and the game, then reinstalled steam and the game on a brand new Windows account. Played 1 wave, then got kicked to tavern. This is what's in the log: [2020.12.29-20.55.22:352][938]LogNet: Warning: UNetDriver::ProcessRemoteFunction: No owning connection for actor BP_PlayerCharacter_EV_C_1. Function ServerPlayMontage will not be processed. [2020.12.29-20.55.22:761][962]LogNetSerialization: Error: FBitReader::SetOverflowed() called! (ReadLen: 505, Remaining: 462, Max: 8135) [2020.12.29-20.55.22:761][962]LogSecurity: Warning: 76561198099575834:7777: Invalid_D
  4. Nope. Nothing like that. Hardwired right in on a brand new motherboard (ASUS Z490-F Gaming). Even updated the LAN drivers.
  5. 75% of the time I cannot join a game, whether it's via the browser or joining on a friend. I typically get kicked back to Tavern, but sometimes to the main screen. When I do end up in the game, I can never play more than one round. Sometimes at round start, sometimes at round end, I get kicked back to Tavern. Every time, this error regarding FBITReader is in the log file. I can't seem to find anyone else experiencing this and the only search results show UnReal Engine issues from 2-3 years ago. [2020.12.29-13.52.25:157][232]LogStreaming: Display: Flushing async loaders. [
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