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  1. [c3;594421']i agree with the sentiment of the OP. when nightmare was first introduced and ogres with, like, you know, 7,8,9 million HP where the "thing," the nightmare damage reduction made sense. but now with even minor enemies having more than 100k HP in nightmare mode (and even on insane mode for some maps), the damage reduction is an unnecessary nerf to players. and now its ogres with 40,50,60+ million HP, and djinn, sharken, wyverns, fish, and copters with 8,9,10+ million HP, doing 10,12k damage per shot just isnt cutting it. which is why monks are so necessary now, because of hero bo
  2. Shouldnt need sync, but i guess it wont hurt to keep cloud sync toggled on on steam. And if you played on trendynet ranked online mode, everything is saved, if open mode, i have no idea how that works, never tried that.
  3. Hey, your progress is saved on trendynet servers, no matter where you play from, as long as you use the same steam account, all data is the same.
  4. ddplanner.com has all the spider drop points and wyvern fly paths, useful for searching builds aswell
  5. I would grab a few friends and deal with sky city mm to unlock survi. 4 players in game, 3 repairs, 1 deals with boss. I did this yesterday with WAY lower stats than what you have. Basic build idea: set of auras (ensnare,elec,str drain) on each crystal, few harpoons, buff beams, minions walls and reflect, we didn't even use traps, but those will definitely make it easier. if you were askin where to go next as solo, i cant help.
  6. Hmm, i havnt played app since i got my adept to 74.. I think app is bit slower than adept. Anyways, you might wanna try turning one fire tower so it covers the light+2fires, and upgrade lightning tower more, since that+dst are the spider killers. But the stats should really be high enough for the last wave. You could always try app guardian aswell.
  7. At me the mobs keep breaking through north everytime I'm at the last wave, rendering me unable to buy pets. I have no clue why it always happens at me whereas it works with you. Tower stats : 518/602/557/564 Hero stats : 638/698/613/265 Are these stats your app stats? Do you keep the app out or do you have a dps char that you use during the waves? If you're having troubles, i suggest you upgrade blockades to stars only, then repair them during wave 8 with insta upgrade.
  8. Since insane UMF isn't really a good progresson level anymore I would avoid doing it unless you are looking for the pet rewards. This. You can solo NM endless spire easier than you can do umf insane, and you get WAY better pets in shop after that (talkin about 100^+ with 100+ stats, or 40-70boost guardians.
  9. What we're your stats when you managed to complete it? I think they were around 300-400/600/300/300. But i dont really think stats even matter that much, good genie helps more, if you just get every firetower and blockade to star by the end of wave 7, you should be fine. Might have to repair, and the fast upgrade from female mage helps quite a bit.
  10. Heyya there folks! Inspired by Loot-progress path for dummies, i altered this build for Endless Spire NM HC, when i first tried this, i had rather low stats on my app (300/300/200/200) and a genie from insane pure strat Hall of Court. I didnt finish the last wave back then, but shortly after i got some nice gear from first waves of HC NM Endless, i managed to easily finish the whole map. All you need to do is upgrade as much as possible. With lower stats, i suggest you try to get the upper 3FT+3DST+2Blockades to 1-3starred before last wave, and lower rightside blockades to stars, both l
  11. One guide to cover it all: http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Powerleveling:_1-70_in_80_minutes I used that to get all my chars to 1->70, then after patch 70->74. Solo exp for that is around 1.5mil/run, with 1-3more players it gets bit higher, up to 1.9m i think. And lvl 74 being 18mil exp, that takes around 12runs in total from lvl 0, once you get the build memorized, it can be fully build (with genie) in first wave, after that you can switch char to the one you wanna powerlevel. Or you can use the afk-char in splitscreen to get the exp for it from the first wave aswell.
  12. so basicly, you just put all auras on top of eachother, put some damage and maybe slow traps, and stay in aura's while you're killing ?^ Yes, ogres and ninjas will spank you to death if you're not inside healing+str drain all the time, and ensnare helps you avoid them while you circle around and attack, lightning is just to help with lower hp mobs. I wouldnt bother with slow traps, if you have a good trapper, try to spam proxy+inferno all around the map. But yes, all killing should (atleast at later waves) happen from inside the bubble. Monsters will flow to your direction fast enough if you
  13. I finished it today for the first time, i only had my auras (900/900/500/400) placed in one bubble, ensnare+light+drain+heal. I was equipped with app guardian ~50boost, and was using my tower app as a dps. App stats are 316/498/234/245,tower ~600/1000/500/500 (i think), resists: 42/27/18/41. DPS ~1.5m perfectly charged. HP is around 2.4k I build some fire and lightning towers on buildtimes outside my bubble, so they wouldnt get the boost from auras. Towers got smashed pretty early, but helped a bit. I died in total of 5 times i think, all from ogre poisonballs that were fired from outside
  14. Only beaten the boss once since it took so long, but to speed it up you probably build 2-3 towers at the boss and boost them, i was doing it with 1 MM and his HP drops very fast, 2 Dps on the boss are pretty useless i think since you hardly do any damage. Well, there happened to be 3 players in our game, and 2 dps helped quite a bit, one with app, one with hunt guardian. 1-2DST to where ever boss goes after harpoon, and both guardians boostin those 2 DST, that was easy 500k-1m dps to the boss. Dont think the char dps itself was that noticable, app doing ~1.5m dps on dummy and ranger ~370k on
  15. Thank you so much for this build. We tried it with 3 players, 2 app guardians, 1 hunt guardian, 1 acted as a repairman on boss, 2 dps'd. We cleared it on first try took around 45mins, we died 31+29+4 times.
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