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  1. Writing this cause i'm ranting and sad i bought the game for 3 friends over thanksgiving to play with me, they are totally new to the franchise (i'm a DD1 fan with thousand+ hours played) today they stopped playing and uninstalled, they got bored and said the game is too slow. i feel i wasted a gift. They mention a good point though, 2004 and 2021 is different eras. Gaming in 2004 was all about grinding, for hours, to see +10 damage gained on a level up in World of Warcraft. Today we have Apex and Fortnite, it's all about instant-action, fast paced games. Can Trendy En Chromatic just give this an A/B test? Make 1 map/game mode/seasonal to test, like they did with URF at Riot, make the game way faster. Creeps waves walk faster, like a lot, damage from heroes and towers are balanced to meet the new wave design. See if there's any uptick in this scenario/mode being played more than all the other modes. Also, DD1 was successful because it was focused. Levels were more "blend", less "flare" less "art flexing", the levels were easy to read. DD:A's levels have bloom and eye candy everywhere, cool useless obelisks and crystals i dont know what they do they're just walls for gameplay. Easier to read, easier to play, better design. I have to run up so much closer to the creep waves to realize/see any mana crystals in DD:A, with maxed-out 4K settings. Wastes time running that few extra seconds just to check for mana. Seconds here and there adds up to the overall slow paced ancient way 2001 game style. Baseline stats overall try a sweep to make gameplay faster, shorter tower reload baselines, faster hero movement, etc. Then run a free demo of this single level/mode on Steam for a weekend, get peeps redbulled up on omg gameplay so fast so exciting it's like Apex Royale but with Creeps and TD. A/B test see if there's any lift on purchase conversion. I enjoy selling and turning in my mana to the jukebox in the tavern too, don't know where that has gone now. it made the tavern whole. not fancy ghost incomplete achievement trophys. thanks for reading rant, i just want my gaming buddies to come back and play this game with me again... until then.. sad.
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