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  1. Hello if anyone in chromatic dev team can help i would love to get unbanned from this game. let me explain. 2 months ago i was getting ready for work when my cousin wanted to play my computer, so i let him this cousin of mine we were fans of the first dungeon defenders we played it for hours, so when he saw DDA he was excited to play it cause he never knew the game came out, so i let him play it. i went to work, eventually came back asked him how was the game and he said it was great however he told me he ran into an issue, for some reason during his play time he couldn't see online games pop not a single one he told me it was blank, so i went on the internet to see if anyone was having the same issue and no results, however that is when i found out i was banned from online games because of the anti cheat. i asked if he cheated and he said no. that was when i looked at a mod trainer that i specifically use for single player games only for just some fun, i knew this because DDA was listed as a recent search and used. and i remembered back in the day he would mod the DD1 a lot so he loved to cheat in that game. so after that i was furious at him, in conclusion i want to say that i am so sorry for the cheating i really don't cheat in multiplayer games only single player but that's only once i beat the game multiple times and just wanna have some crazy fun, so chromatic i would love to be unbanned this game is a lot of fun, so nostalgic , and just overall fantastic i put up to 82 hours of this game and got great gear i would hate for that to go to waste if you need my steam profile its Strafer234. thank you
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