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  1. Can you give me a specific link? I can't find what you said
  2. Can you give me a specific link? I can't find what you said
  3. I hope we can give the future direction of these two versions as soon as possible. We are very confused and don't know which version should be the main one
  4. This version has serious image quality problems. The models of characters and monsters are fuzzy. I can't even see their faces clearly. My image quality is the highest
  5. I hope CDT developers can give a detailed introduction to the new version and the original version, and the future direction. We are very embarrassed now. We don't know which one should be the main target. Will we get some activities in the future?
  6. 我希望CDT开发者能够详细介绍新版本和原版本,以及未来的发展方向。我们现在很尴尬。我们不知道哪一个应该是主要目标。我们将来会有活动吗?
  7. I wish you all good health and happy holidays From 2011 to now, I will always be with you DDI https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052118339/
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