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  1. So around December 26th or 27th i got banned off dd2 on my account along with many other high players and even some players who were innocent. Now on ps4, dupping had became a major problem so i guess the devs just decided to ban people but I've tried talking to devs and people on discord and they would just bash me about getting ban and that it was my own fault. I've tried sending a report or whatever and even then i get nothing back. I heard there was going to be an update around next week for ps4 and xbox and im just wonder if theyre going to be unbanning or wiping accounts... personally i couldnt care what they do i just want to be able to play again. I spent 3 years just playing dd2 off and on and dropped money on the game and even put a little bit of money into the kick starter for dda. So if you guys are planning on doing anything about those players that would be amazing!!
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