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  1. A step in the right direction, am glad Chromatic are taking feedback seriously. Keep the good stuff coming :)
  2. I feel the same as the people above, I didn't want DD to go. Admittedly I didn't support the Kickstarter but as soon as the game went on Steam I bought it without hesitation. A lot of us I imagine are frustrated with the lack of updates and the promises being broken. The long radio silences. The community was there for you with this Kickstarter. This proves there is a want for the game to succeed. I feel like the money has been poorly managed in some way and now to want more with a new release feels to me a little insulting to anyone who did support the KickStarter. DDA didnt take of
  3. "Please do not tag all of us like that" It got your attention though! - :D
  4. Have you done the obvious troubleshooting? Ie: Verfiy game files? Play offline? Do you have any other programs open you can close to test?
  5. I dunno about console sorry, assumed it was a almost direct copy of PC.
  6. Towers have a kill count when you inspect the tower And also a damage dealt stat.
  7. I had no idea this was the reason! I have reset my stats countless times! :(
  8. On PC using the Xbox controller, I cant navigate to the accessories on the hero, Switching to M+K no issue
  9. Glad that worked for you ElGenius ^_^
  10. I had a lot of issues with frame rate and the best result I got was disabling damage numbers and setting shadows to lowest possible. The menu is set to a lower framerate and gets worse with intensive rounds.
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