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  1. The Endgame of DD1 was like this, you have 1 Builder for every class and 1 DPS characters. This one Builder (sometimes divided over more players, but can be considered as one, because of not being present) was always swapped, so you just had 4 DPS chars playing. Pro: You had many specialized chars on you account, so most Item-Combos were useful to at least one of you heroes. Less preparation before a game, because you could build "your" defence with all chars no matter what players joined. Sometimes you just needed random people to repair meaning teamplay died with you builders gettin
  2. Signed with 5 stars :) I also feel that upgrades are way to expensive in range of 120+. Most of the time i just up my stuff to that point and wait for better gear and up it to 120 again. Autoselling during the wave would nicely up the income and make the upgrade cost more affordable.
  3. Hello, hitting 'g' on MFs was a really good addin and safes a lot of time once the build is up. Which brings another issue which I felt before was not that big to my intention and I hope I can bring it to public intentions so it gets fixed/changed. When I play solo, meaning only my PC although me and a friend are playing splitscreen (keyboard+gamepad), I can hit 'g' to ready up both of us. This is in online ranked. In case some other player joins now and I hit 'g' it only readys up my keyboard character. It would be nice to have 'g' ready up all my toons. Since I know mapping 'g' to g
  4. hey *thumbs up*, i tried the setup yesterday with very minor changes. I carried 6 ppl with me (me@afk builder+gamepad dps) and got 250mil mana out of it. First wave was hard, but every other was very smooth. http://ddplanner.com/?l=5831,shipwreck-ruins-nm
  5. Best would be to open a game of NM HC Endless Spires Campain. Normally it takes 1-10 min for a overpowered player to join. He can build for you and you get some loot on your own. Once you have stats around 500-800 try to solo/duo endless spires nm hc with your girlfriend a bit. When you feel geared up start campain maps survival. Magus Quarters is a good start and Forge is not hard either. Again just open a server and wait 10min bevor starting the map. Hope for a good builder and slide on his wave through into higher waves. Maybe waiting is boring, but you will get quite a step once you fou
  6. Does "globally increased" mean you get more xp in campain, survival, pure strat? Just wondering. Atm survival and pure strat dont give good xp although you only play that instead of campain. Would be cool if you could get decent (or the same amount like on the same campain wave) when doing survival.
  7. Hello, xp is terrible in pure start, so it is bad for leveling. It is easier than normal survival (no immunities, no sharken/djinns) and you get the same pet Quality. I think Mixed Mode is still better. Misty does not have spiders, but maybe other maps have. Would be interested in this too :) So it is an good option to farm wave 14 pets or giraffes. Also the waves are shorter I think, so you will be much faster.
  8. That would be the same effect than just cutting negative change by half. Although a rework here could be needed. When upgrading positive you have the Setmultiplier. When upgrading 3 points you get 1 point bonus (~33%). Same could be applied to upgrading negativ stats.
  9. would like to hear you thought on my layout i designed for 7.30 patch Deeper Well. It uses App as the main(active) builder and Huntress+Monk as support. It also uses the new Strenght drain ability to lower du cost from 2 darkness traps (6) to one aura (5). http://ddplanner.com/?l=3606,deeper-well-nm-hc-mixed-730-not-tested-yet edit: [BUG?] When loading the page all Series EV Beams are minimum range, but DU are still at max. For reviewing the setup pretend they are at maximum extended. All 60 DU are used up at max range. Status: I just designed this in my Lunchbreak. If you wait until
  10. Very good (and useful ideas). I think collecting mana is fine as it is now, as it forces decisions from you weather to collect mana or to run to a critical spot. One more upgrade/repair problem (but much for when upgrading). If you build traps/auras exactly over the other (lets say proxy, fire, darkness) and you want to upgrade just one to 3 stars first. The pointing at the edge of the traps has to be 0.1 pixel perfect. If you have a trap with bigger radius then the one insight, I cant target it at all until the overlapping one is 3 stars. The same Problem appears with lets say ensnare + str
  11. Really solid build. Tested it yesterday with 4 players. My builder has 1400,1000,900,600. I sometimes found my harpoons just hitting walls/roofs and our cristal got some more hits from air-units. anyway we cleared it on the first try. i think repeating the run I could place them a bit better and solve some problems. My suggestion would be to add ensnares (since there are no gjin) in exchange for bowlingtowers and bouncers and just use walls.
  12. looks really good. Do you think it is possible with reversed squire stats like your above? (1400,1000,900,900) Can you tell me if the map becomes easier with more players having guardians or should I use just my squire builder out with guardian for reduced spawn?
  13. Hello, I followed the Magus Quarter Wave 20 Guide without success. Now followed this one and it does not work. My System: Win Vista 64bit. I was going to analyse the logfile so I turn logging to 1 like descriped. Suprisingly no Logfolder/file was created in either ~/Win32 not ~/Win64. It seem the x360kb.ini is not processed. Do you have an idea why? What I have done: Download the x360kb.ini + *.dll (64bit) and copy it to Win32 folder. Copy and pasted your config information into it. I got the UDKInput.ini from "Magus Quarter wave 20 tutorial on page 3" and just copied it to make sure i
  14. If you sold them, they are still out there. looking through AFK shops the TF2 pets for example are at 200mil mana. It is expensive for a bad pet, but you could buy these items almost every time.
  15. I am so happy with this filter :) Sometimes I host survival matches with "74+ with dps gear" and the first 10 players joining are lvl 32-66. You are right that 'dps gear' or writing 1500+ stats would be more meaningful, but trust me, everyone ignores the Name. At least the chances of ppl joining actually having good gear will go up, when they are 74+. And by the way I hate kicking ppl, but I also hate wining ppl when I explain their stats are too low to stay. Then they wont disconnect and force me to kick them. I find this even more impolite then just kicking them :(
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