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  1. Hi I literally made an account just to reply to you because its very clear you lack what I though was basic knowledge so I'll put this as nicely as possible. The reason any developer chooses to release on Xbox is because literally anyone can release anything on Xbox. That thing is just a glorified PC, They have very minimal standards compared to Sony & Nintendo who don't just accept....crap that crashes/blue screens, Its why APB reloaded can't get updates now that its released. Every time that company tries they get denied because the game still crashes mainly due to the new team not knowing how to code. But it makes a perfect example of why developers choose Xbox over Sony. APB was released on Xbox long before it came to ps4 then it switched hands into even more incompetent developer. TLDR:Xbox supports newcomers & Sony + Nintendo have standards. Xbox sharing 75% of its features with pc also helps. (Notice how if you can do it on pc you can do it on Xbox?) But rest assured we will all eventually get our DD A And trust me, you don't want weekly updates on progress. That'd look more or less like (we fixed this & broke that so we walked that back and are now at square 1) every week. You DO NOT want weekly updates. Monthly is fine.
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