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  1. Hey I recently started and have learned there are few people who own these 'event items' I'm sure people such as myself who dont or weren't lucky enough to get them(in a second lol) have asked this question thousands of if those who dont play anymore and get no enjoyment out of it or moved on could perhaps pass them on to those such as myself who play and love the game tremendously and that are legitimate players though it's a long shot believe I know but if one of these people who do own event items happen to read my post and you're on the 360 could you message me at @GUN Wicked? I would ver
  2. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's asked this but I have recently started and learned alot playing with some other DD players they taught me alot but one thing I was really interested in was getting my hands on these event items and again (I'm sure everyone has said this once before) 1 of the people I played with has alot of these items I was wondering if anyone has stopped playing the game and would maybe possibly think about perhaps giving them to me? I'm a legitimate player and I dont play online and if I do it's with only a few selected people on private mode that said I'm extremely safe
  3. I recently started playing DD1 on the Xbox 360 and am looking for a co-op partner or partners to help with quests and the achievements. Btw only message me if you're a legitimate player no cheating would also prefer if you're 17 years of age or older. GT is YouTubeManN
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