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  1. Have you checked out the DD1 Wiki recently? Almost all of the countless edits and new pages on there since early 2020 were done solely by me. You could also join the DDRnG Discord to ask other veteran defenders.
  2. All of the new hero abilities and defenses introduced by Redux are not binded by default. To customize your active hero's ten numeric hotkeys (0-9), mouse over the action inside the Action Wheel, then press-and-hold the number key of your choice for two seconds. *Custom action hotkeys are saved per individual hero.
  3. ForeverMaster

    FUTURE DD1 Development

    Good news for the crowd oblivious to Redux's existence. Unfortunately for the long-term Redux players like myself, backporting data to Vanilla seems highly unlikely. There are major backend differences between the two, on top of all the gameplay features and changes Redux brings. For one: many preexisting weapons and pets obtained on Ascension difficulty are coded as if they were totally different items. This is why the two pet collection achievements do not count pets acquired on Ascension.
  4. Game Branch: Vanilla/Live #1: Black Magik #2: Waterfall #3: Glacier's Demise ================= The Snowman Run Build The Snowman Acquired
  5. Hello, active DD1 wiki editor here. Infested Ruins is one of the best high-end Survival armor farming sites in the game now, on Nightmare HC. If your Adept had more tower range (2,000+ ?), you can possibly reach wave 30 while having 3 or 4 Summoners active, using my NM build on DD Planner. Town in the Cliffs (TITC) is a new and very popular map in Redux for armor farming and its exclusive monk weapon: the Genie's Scimitar. However, its Campaign boss could be a roadblock without a dedicated Tower Boost Monk at least (btw, a Boost Initiate is totally worth raising). There are a nu
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