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  1. Many players have criticized contests before without issue. You didn't do your research before this comment, only to find out in DDRnG general that many of your criticisms were already addressed in previous contests, such as the tbr one removing any stat advantages that you have decried, and your criticism of strat sharing being especially egregious considering a user posted a video of their contest entry not even 2 hours after the contest began. You were disrespectful and dismissive, and you could have handled the situation another way.
  2. FP on the chain tb/upper gloves ( O )
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083250013
  4. No, this is an awful idea and led to extreme abuse in redux. Lootboxes are not forbidden in the EU, only in certain jurisdictions. Your rates for ultimate++ armour are incorrect. This game literally hinges on RNG. If RNG is removed, the player-base leaves because they beat the game. This is what happened in redux with the advent of shit like divine crystals and void crystals. Such a drastic change would trivialize the hundreds of thousands of hours collectively spent by the community in just the recent few years armour farming. Also, if playing on multiple accounts constitutes
  5. Secre's bid is invalid. If this changes I'll post again, but for now, bid as though celebration is the current highest bid. Auction ends in approximately 3 days. EDIT: Secre is banned from the auction now. Current highest bid is celebration.
  6. For Monk, your weapon is much less important than your pet. The vast majority of your DPS comes from your pet, but to answer your question, generally good weapons for monk in no particular ranking are - Mischief Maker (Highest stat rolls and highest ranged damage on a stationary target because of stacked fire) - Turtle Shell Spear (Splash damage spear with 3 projectiles and high damage) - Spear of the New Kingdom (Poison damage over time once applied to a target) - Honey Spear (Single projectile high damage splash) - Candy Cane (Multiple projectile mid damage splash)
  7. Celebracers + 100 Messaging host of auction to ask a question regarding validity of above bid Matter was cleared up, my current bid is celebracers
  8. celebracers (contingent on IC)
  9. Auctioning the above helmet. Haven't found a use for it personally on any of my sets so I am looking to sell. CV cap of 100, 5/10/15 for non, single and double. RM: 150 EPH: 150 Celebration: 150 NPC: 180 Celebs: 200 FP: 600 I won't sell if the bid is not high enough for me. Auction ends in 2 weeks. 26/12/2022 at 16:00 GMT. Bids from Blazed are not considered valid. Bids from Secre are not considered valid. Thank you, have a nice day.
  10. Tavern Incursion is the 1st best map ever and lets me play with my buds in 3/3 lobbies. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083250013
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